Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Rocky Re-Entry Into Real Life

The re-entry into real life has been rocky. Goodness. I normally don't talk about my actual weight in numbers around here, as they are what they are. But in the past week, they accurately reflected a nearly week-long bender. I'm still trying to figure out what happened and why. It wasn't emotional in my usual sense - an anxiety that I wanted to soothe. Wasn't that way at all.

I came home from vacation about three and a half pounds up. I know that was from, not the baklava, as one might assume, but my horrible habit of eating JUNK food on my return trips from anywhere. Extra salty, extra large french fries at the airport, M&Ms and Pringles purchased on the plane.

I went back to my normal way of eating and within two days of return, I was back down to my pre-trip weight, which was on the high side of the new range I'd set for myself, but still within range. But something was going on - I couldn't think, couldn't function, really. Disoriented. In one case, couldn't answer a simple question. The diabetics in the office blamed low blood sugar and it did feel that way to me. So I embarked on a quest to keep my blood sugar from bottoming out - a little too aggressively, I suppose.

And before you say something, yes, I've been in contact with my doctor. I had some blood work done right before I went on vacation and upon my return to the US, at the JFK airport when I turned on my cell phone, I heard four messages to call my doctor's office. Doctor's office wanted me to re-do the labs. Doctor wasn't happy with the results. So, I'm being seen to. Had more lab work done, but haven't heard the results.

Couple this with Halloween and the office candy bowl being right outside my office door, my Mom's birthday (which was very nice) and my wheels-off eating (but my sleeping was FABULOUS - no night sweats!) the scale registered a 7 pound gain in less than one week. I do have a doctor's appointment and I am slowly returning to my normal eating habits, rather than such an abrupt transition and the extra whatever is coming back off without any apparent side effects. But my motivation to exercise appears to have disappeared right now. I rode my bike for a couple of days upon my return and have been hitting the gym, but honestly, do not want a long exercise session on Saturday.

I will (along with Doc) figure this all out. It seems more physiological than emotional, but who knows. I do know that another contributing factor is that I am damned tired of the BASS (Big Ass Spinach Salad) for lunch. It's time to change that up to something, what, I am not sure. I have ceased to enjoy it and it, for this last week, at least, has ceased to satisfy.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Do it for the health of it.



  1. I know you'll be relieved to have the doctor's verdict and resolutions behind you. Meanwhile, the sensations of disorientation, etc. are also symptoms of jet lag, so maybe time is the best healer?

  2. Ditto what Cammy said! Jetlag, especially on the return side, takes a few weeks to subside. Extra sleep, healthy food, plenty of water and yes, exercise, will help Ms. JL on her way out the door.

  3. Thank you for sharing this here. You know I relate to the return trip eating. You are so solid that I've no doubt you will be back on track very soon. I think all the air travel causes some shifts in how our bodies rid themselves of water--and not just for a day or 2. As Cammy said, a little more time will likely be the best remedy. Also, increasing sugar consumption when I've been off awhile causes fluid retention for me too.

    Thank you for talking about it - it's normalizing for a yet to be successful loser to see that these things happen even to the superstars - of which you are one.

  4. Everybody hits rough patchs. My eating has been kind off the rails too. Things will settle down. They always do. I think your the one that tells me that.

    I will interested in what the labs say. The jetlag thing is part of too. Here's to getting our mojo back!

  5. Salty snacks have always been my downfall - I can pass up Halloween candy, donuts, etc., but put some cheese fries in front of me and paws off!

    It's weird too, because a carb is a carb when it comes to diabetes, I guess I don't have much of a sweet tooth!

    Hope you can figure out what's going on - glad you got back into the doc to find out.


  6. I know as careful as you generally are, this is a bit frustrating. Glad you're working with the doctor. But part of me wonders if it's not just the culmination of jet lag and the trip/experience of a lifetime... "Turkey or Istanbul Head" as it were. I will be very surprised if things don't sort of smooth out for you naturally.

  7. You had such a good trip. I wish things didn't have to feel less-than with weightgain and food and lab issues. Good luck getting back to normal.

  8. Roxie, I'm glad to see that you're being tended to. I'm sure things will get straightend out. As far as eating while vacationing, I don't know many people who would go to an exotic location and just munch on carrots and the like. You'd be missing out on part of their culture by not engaging in the foods offered to you. The case of the traveling eater however, I know exactly how you feel. There are no good choices. Yes, we can pack and plan for trips going, but coming back we're at the mercy of the food court. You did the best you could under the circumstances and I know everything else will fall back into place for you. Good luck with the blood work!

  9. Your body is just getting through major upheval. Give it some time to stabilize before you worry too much.

    One alternative to BASS is soup. A lot of days I eat this tomato soup: http://www.amazon.com/Pacific-Natural-Foods-Organic-16-Ounce/dp/B000LKU1VC/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1288735398&sr=8-1

    It's probably fairly close to the carbs in your salad and it has 5 grams of protein per serving. Plus, it's a really big lunch in volume if you eat the whole container. The extra bonusy bonus is there is no prep at all. I always have a few containers here at the office. If I get caught with nothing to eat, soup it is.

  10. I certainly hope it's just jet-lag. Maybe you have too much iron from all those BASS's :)

    Take care and as Christine said, try soup.


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