Saturday, November 6, 2010

Scatter Shot Saturday

I've got nothing that I can pull into a theme for today, so I am taking the scatter-shot approach. At least there will be numbers. So here we go, while in a particular order, no priority is implied.

1. Did a bit of weight training yesterday morning. Am going to continue to tippy-toe my way into some strength/weight training over the winter.

2. Did a bit of elliptical/stairclimber thingy for cardio.

3. My new makeup arrived. Pebbles and I decided to combine sundries and only brought 2 toothbrushes and one of everything else on our trip. I was in need of new makeup and I got to try out her mineral makeup (on the days I chose to wear makeup). I decided that I really liked it, so I ordered some of my own.

4. I walked to the store to purchase a makeup pencil sharpener.

5. I got out all of my makeup and makeup bags and went through all of it. I am tired of carrying around extra crap in my purse. My purse stays so heavy that it hurts my neck and shoulders. I made three makeup bags - one for home, one for office and one for car.

6. Cleaned out the car.

7. Also purchased new mascara at the store - the kind Pebbles uses. It has two wands - one for primer and one for mascara. Love it. At almost $9, it's high end for a drug store, but I like so much better than department store stuff. We'll see if I like it. I usually find myself falling back to the hot pink/lime green stuff.

8. Was amazed that I could find the paperwork that I needed. For years, I have not been known for my organization. Since coming here, I've tried to change that. I've got a filing system and I try to use it. It still AMAZES me that it works.

9. Didn't have a clue as to where I needed to go with said legal paperwork, but I somehow managed to walk into, A. the right county building; B. the right county employee; and C. she was pleasant and competent and took care of me right away. I should have gone immediately and bought a lottery ticket!

10. Went to a big box store and filled out a request for contact re: repair work. However, she was unsure as to whether they worked on mobile homes. I can't control that, but I did make yet another try at getting something done out there. It will happen, when and how it's supposed to. I shall not stress.

11. Came home and paid bills and did some more filing.

12. Bought a Thanksgiving card for a friends' six year old and put it in the mail.

13. Right before I went to Turkey, it occurred to me that I was traveling with my primary beneficiary. So I scrambled to get the appropriate contingency plans in place before leaving. There was still some more work to be done in this area.

14. Pebbles is very aware of my "final" wishes, etc as we have talked about this on multiple occasions, however, my contingent, my sister, doesn't know all of this. So yesterday, I sat down and wrote it all out - or actually filled in the workbook provided to me by my workplace. While I haven't done actual "pre-planning", I do have a plan, so that's something. Some may find this morbid. I find it to be a loving and caring thing to do, should the worst happen.

15. And speaking of mortality, I was saddened to read this morning that actress Jill Clayburgh has passed away. She was one of my favorite actresses back in the day.

16. Temperature is the the high 30's this morning, so fall has officially arrived.

17. I am going to a morning meeting and then I'll go for a bike ride. I'll be happy with 20-25 miles today. I went looking for a new local bike shop that I'd heard about yesterday, but I didn't find it at first pass. Yea, I'm thinking perhaps it's time to begin gathering information on a new bike. I'd wanted to put 1,000 miles on Cha-Cha before deciding, and I still might, but I want a lot of time to make the decision. And my first step, I think, will be to establish some sort of relationship with my local bike shop.

18. After biking, I'll snake my way up to Bick's (NASCAR this weekend will make traffic a nightmare). Sandy and Aloysius are coming over for dinner.

19. I'm picking up the camping gear, as Pebbles and Slater contend they are going camping next weekend. I scoff in their general direction.

20. I am kicking @ss on the Diet Coke Cutdown. I am consistently down to 2 a day, with none after noon. I only had a couple all the time I was in Turkey. Should have left it alone when I came home, but I'll be content and happy with my new levels.

All in all, yesterday was a good day. Exercise was good and enjoyable. Food took it's appropriate place in things yesterday and I got stuff done. Didn't make it to the shoe repair place, but I can do that today.

Got a notice yesterday to renew my lease. That floored me. I've been here almost a year. More decisions.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Doing a little something consistently can pay big rewards.


Picture is of a fishing boat on the Sea of Marmara, Istanbul, Turkey. Short walk from our hotel.


  1. I'm feeling a bit scatter shot myself today. Glad I stopped to read your blog as I needed to see that last bit. Reminded me immediately of this:

    "Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out."

    Richard Collier

    Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

  2. For not having a post, you did a great job pulling one together. Sounds like you got a LOT done. That always feels good. And good for you kicking the Diet Coke Demon....maybe you can blog about how you're doing it; when it's hardest, what you're drinking instead, and whether or not anything is actually comparable to it.

  3. they make make-up pencil sharpeners?!

    never mind.


    please to call Oprah and get me a makeover.


  4. Love getting things together - after my trip, my goal has been to have one set of makeup and brushes in my travel bag and one in my bathroom at home...somehow it's the little things that make me calm, and I can relate to your having three sets of make up bags.


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