Monday, November 22, 2010

Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves

We have a practice in yoga that asks us to dedicate our day's practice to someone or something, like peace, courage, strength, etc. It's an opportunity to pray/meditate upon/send good thoughts to a someone we care about or to affirm. When I follow this practice, those sessions always seem to be my most "productive". I've decided to follow this advice in my daily healthy living practice. I am dedicating my practice to my sister.

I want nothing more for her than to be healthy and happy. I don't think she is either of those things right now. She has, however, started a diet. As I sometimes labor to make the next right decision for me, I find that I can do it for her. I can stand in silent solidarity with her as she tries to make these changes in her life. I will willingly do for her what I struggle with doing for myself.

When I was one hundred pounds plus overweight, I thought what I needed was a weight loss program. My problem was fat. After I lost the weight, I realized that what I needed was recovery. The same issues that had driven my behaviors were still apparent. And my recovery contains a spiritual/contemplative element and it's that element that I have been short-changing as of late. By dedicating my practice, I am engaging in contemplative behaviors and nurturing my spiritual life.

And speaking of nurturing the spirit, I attended a wonderful meditation session on Sunday. The regular leader was ill and her stand-in was wonderful. She is leading another session tonight and I am going to attend.

Sunday was another great day. I hit the gym early, attended meditation and a craft fair at church. Following that, I hit the trails. The wind was horrible for the second day running, but I did have the great fortune of happening upon some sort of cycling moto-cross thing. Hairpin turns followed by get-of-your-bike jump overs, uphills and general chaos. It was fascinating to watch and obviously for the very young and in shape. Great way to spend a bit of time on an unseasonably warm Sunday afternoon.

After church, I had run by the big box store and Central Market to buy some pansies and some herbs. Bick bought me a window box for the Sliding Door to No-Where Non-Balcony and I'd never figured out how to put it up. The rail configuration didn't lend itself to any sort of bracketing that was available off-the-shelf. So I just decided this weekend to hillbilly it up. Bungee Cord! So after my bike ride, I got to put together a beautiful flower box full of gorgeous pansies and some herbs. I am hopeful that they will last the winter.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Mind, Body AND Spirit.


pic Pebbles' first pony - Poncho. In the photo, me in the glasses, family friend holding Pebbles. On the ground, sister and mother. Circa 1987.


  1. Almost every time I find myself straying from the healthier living path and wonder why, I can trace it back to letting my spiritual practices, such as they are, lapse. When I refocus that element, everything else seems to fall into place.

    Warm and windy here, too, but I'm not complaining. I'll take it for as long as it lasts! :)

  2. I am loving the horse in the back of the pickup - all these years living in Texas and I've never seen that!

    Sounds like you are doing the "getting out of yourself" thing with spirituality, which, when I remember to practice that, makes me most at peace. Perfect time of year to be reminded of this, thank you! :)

  3. You have told me that it's more about what's in between the ears then what's on your plate. It's a hard fact to swallow when it finally sinks in that YOU have to change everything. Not just the food.

    I love church! It is truly the highlight of my week. Dedicating your yoga to your sis is a sweet thing. Your kindness will come back to you for sure.

    I am kind of starting to feel the old fire. It's dim, but it's still there. Every good choice makes a difference..

    Love the only pics!


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