Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The (Un)expected Guest

I got stood up by the bidder yesterday. After waiting for half an hour, I called and got no answer. About fifteen more minutes passed and I get a call, "I totally forgot all about you". So much for expectations. I don't know if being totally honest makes it any better. I responded with "I've got other bids lined up, if it turns out that I need another one, I will call and reschedule". Since I got the name from Angie's List, I am trying to decide if I am going to report the no-show. I'm thinking I will, but I will wait until I get this job completed. In the meantime, I heard back from several more contractors, so I have three more meetings coming up. One today, and two on Wednesday. The two on Wednesday I'm most anxious for. It's those people with whom I had a good conversation over the phone. I remain hopeful.

In other unexpected news, I stepped on the scale this morning and was shocked. I sorta keep a running tally in my head about how things are going. I hadn't been particularly food-obsessed for a week; Yes, I had a bit more dessert than was optimal over the holiday and far less exercise than I wanted, but I was unprepared for what the scale showed me this morning. I recognize and understand that it's just a number, but where the hell did it come from? While I'm not worried about the actual number per se, I do consider it to be a manifestation of behaviors and my behaviors haven't been over-the-top. Even when I was really struggling a couple of weeks ago, the number wasn't this high. Totally unexpected. I'm blaming sodium.

Yesterday was also unexpectedly busy at work. I didn't get in my lunchtime gym time, as I was buried trying to get things done before leaving for Reata South. So last evening, I spent some extra time in the gym. I'd set my intention to cover 200 miles on foot this year. Last night, I made it an even 440. Can I make it an even 500 by years' end? Something to shoot for. If I stay consistent, it's certainly doable.

And speaking of intentions, it's time to start thinking about setting my intentions for next year. My dear friend Meg recommended setting intentions rather than goals, as it seems more inclusive and less punitive. Or at least that's how I see it. I'm sure her reasons are more articulate than that - and I've been doing things this way for a number of years and the original impetus may have slipped by me.

Heard from the doc yesterday. White blood cell count is finally back in the low-normal range, after being in the cellar for months. I am, however, to take 4k IUs of vitamin D3, as those levels refuse to budge - even after months of taking 2K IU. Still need to schedule the next follow-up mammogram before year end to take advantage of having met my deductible already this year.

My plan for the day is this: pre-tracking both food and exercise. I normally pre-track food, but I thinking pre-tracking my exercise will help me get to 500. I do need to buy some more running shoes and since I'm not actually running these days, I think I can get away with not dropping a buck twenty five for Asics Gel Nimbus'. I really felt the lack of support due to worn out shoes last night. Maybe I'll try to stop somewhere on my way in from Reata South today.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Learn to deal with the unexpected.



  1. Contractors are just the worse. Keep expectations low. Hopeflly frustration won't be high.

    I had the same shock at my WI this morning. Time to turn it around. We can do it. Holidays are really tough. We are tougher.

    Take it easy and I am so glad you had a nice relaxed Turkey Weekend. The fair sounds so fun.

  2. I read something on Lynns blog the other day that calmed me down about my three pound weight jump. It is "real" weight brought on by eating to many carbs which make us retain extra water so as long as we get back on track right away the extra should go away quickly. I can attest to this since I am down 1.5 pounds already but I am working out hard and being strict with eating. Back to basics it works for me.
    I hope you find a good contractor if there is such a thing...

  3. I love the idea of intentions!! The word "goal" and I do NOT get along :-)

    And speaking of vitamin D, I took 15,000 IUs to get mine to optimal levels and now take 10,000 IUs (per day) to maintain them. "They" are finding that we need a lot more than initially thought, especially the farther north you live.

    As far as the scale goes, I don't weigh myself...I haven't in over a year. I find it much more gratifying to measure my waist when the spirit moves me. I think there's something to be said for the lack of pressure/stress associated with weighing/judging. When we eliminate that stress, it does wonders. At least it has for me!

  4. There are few things that I enjoy less than dealing with contractors. I feel for you.

    I'm also on Vitamin D per dr's orders. And don't sweat that scale. Numbers come and go. My scale tells me ugly things when I step on it so I am avoiding it.

    Hope you have a wonderful and relaxing trip.

  5. The unexpected can do a number on us, if we let it. Good for you for acknowledging the disappointment and then moving on.

  6. Yerks, I hate those kinds of surprises...but with your exercise (which I like the idea of "pre-tracking" btw), you'll be back down in no time.

    On the shoes, I dunno - that is one thing that I wouldn't skimp on...if the Asics work for you then I'd still buy them...you never know what your workouts might be in the future. Just my two cents; easy to say when it's not my money. ;)

  7. You know what they say about expectations...resentments under construction. When whatever I do or don't expect doesn't or does happen, I get testy at best! Sounds like you're rolling with the punches.

    I'm with Shelley - and I use the same shoes, btw. I need new ones at this very inconvenient time to have to buy them, but with my sorry knees, I don't dare go cheaper or different!

  8. You and I have already discussed my feelings on contractors. They suck.

    Intentions even sounds so much nicer than "goals." I may have to steal that :-)

    Funny how that stupid scale can take us by surprise. Yet you seem to have already worked out a plan, which I'm not surprised by at all.

    Good shoes are everything, as you learned on your trip! Don't skimp on your shoes. They'll just last longer because it will take longer to put mileage on them. Either that or consider a lower priced pair of Asics - they have some really good shoes in the $75 range.

  9. Yeah- I had one of those eye poppers on the scale after thanksgiving as well. That is why I am buckling back down to weight loss mode, which is kind of hard when you just get used to the balancing of maintenance.

    When I was doing rehabs, I spent so much time waiting for contractors. I could not understand why a simple notebook with appointments *written down* was so inconceivable to them.


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