Saturday, December 11, 2010

Day Nine of Twenty: Bonus!

I'm doing the Day Twenty experiment.

Day Nine Tasks

1. Take a bath or shower. Wear cologne, perfume, deodorant, floss and brush your teeth. Shave. Do nails, eyebrows, ears.

No clothes.

2. Bed made.

Check your M-F list and do today's assignment.

3. Review yesterday's hourly chart and make new chart for tomorrow.

Add to your lists of unproductive and productive activities.

4. Two more photos.

5. Friend List

Check your M-F list and do today's assignment.

6. Two more "thank you emails."

Print copies and put in a folder.

7. Put $1.25 in cash in a glass on your bedstand.

Accumulating tasks... just a reminder--- You should be adding to these lists every day.

Eye contact always with everyone you meet. Making your bed. Photos. Names of any new people you meet. Background notes on the people that you have trouble liking. Growing lists of productive and unproductive work behaviors. Growing lists of things people at work complain about. Schedule of email correspondance; daily list of chores. Childhood memories. What you liked about your work today.


Yesterday was the office Christmas party luncheon at a local restaurant. And I already forgot my Order Coffee strategy when faced with salty snacks. This time it was warm peanuts, fresh popcorn drizzled in truffle oil and freshly made potato chips. Dove right in. First course was a flight of french fries and homemade sauces. Again, with the diving. I did choose the chopped salad for lunch and ate about half of that, but I chose to top it all off with a cupcake. I'm pegging my calories for that meal alone at about 2,000 calories. I decided to be finished eating for the day after that.

So how did this turn out to be a bonus day? As I was walking back into the office with my boss, he made the comment about it being a gorgeous day, and it was around 70 degrees, no wind, sunny - a picture perfect day for mid-December. I responded with "I'd love to be riding my bike this afternoon." And he said, "Just keep walking to the parking lot, don't even come back into the office. Go. Ride." I wasn't hinting, honest, but it didn't take me long to get to the parking lot and home! I had a wonderful bonus ride yesterday, as the weather is expected to get cooler and the wind is supposed to be high today. I'm still going to try to get in a ride today, but it will probably pale in comparison to yesterday's unexpected opportunity.

Actually cut my ride a bit short, as I remembered I was supposed to go in and sign my lease paperwork. Got there a few minutes before closing time, but the manager didn't have it ready to go. Oh, well. There is always next week. I re-stated our agreement and said I would see him later.

Plans for today include a meeting, some more exercise time, finishing the home pedicure I started last night. I'll head up to Bick's in the afternoon. We've got some Christmas shopping to do and I'm going to try to find a trainer for Cha-Cha. I've almost decided to start looking for a new bike for here and take Cha-Cha and a trainer to Bick's so I'll have some exercise options up there. Sandy's BF Aloysius is a cyclist, so Bick just bought Sandy the new-to-her bike for Christmas that she wanted. If I had Cha-Cha up there, I might have more opportunities to ride with other people.

Pebbles and Slater are in Utah snowboarding this week. I think Pebbles may be wearing her crankypants. Poor Slater. They had quite a few administrative mishaps yesterday. I don't believe either of them are particularly good at planning for any sort of travel (we all remember Puerto Rico, don't we?) and a few of those chickens came home to roost yesterday.


Results from Day Eight. Let me say right off - with all this maintenance work to be done au naturale, I feel like I've moved a nudist camp in Boca. Next thing I know, they will be asking me to vacuum in the nude, too! Still no photos. Doing the other tasks, but I think I may change up the assignment a bit. I am supposed to send short emails to folks, but I think given the recent discussion, that I will try to make phone calls instead. I need to work on normalizing that behavior for me. It works best for me if I set myself up with an easy out so that I don't feel pressured to have a long winded conversation. So it's "Hey, I've got a few minutes before XYZ, thought I would call and see what you are up to" kind of thing. If I do this often enough, it might just get more natural feeling, right?

As for the childhood memories portion of the exercises, I'm concentrating on memories of my paternal grandmother. What I wouldn't give to be able to have a long conversation with her right now, even on the phone!

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Phone home - you've got unlimited minutes.

Still on scale hiatus.


  1. Gotta say, I'm proud of the conscious effort with the phone calls. I've been making too many at work, so I've been deliberately slacking off at home. I hope my family and friends know that I'm still alive. lol
    Sounds like you have a good boss. That certainly was a bonus, and I'm glad you were able to enjoy the weather!

  2. I'm enjoying reading about the Twenty Days thing. Interesting stuff. I have to say I can't wait to see what happens with the money :)

    Your boss is so nice to let you go ride. Today was so pretty here in H-town. Then the wind kicked up and now it's getting cooler. Yay!

    It doesn't look like I'll be taking a road trip any time soon but I'm keeping it on the horizon.

  3. What an awesome thing for your boss to do - kudos for him letting you live in the moment!

  4. You are lucky to have such a great boss! I love the twenty days you are doing.

  5. I love your boss and don't even know him. My boss, when he was alive, used to do things like that for me too.

    I personally would not have been able to resist homemade potato chips or popcorn with truffle oil, either.

    Great idea about the bikes!


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