Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Day Six of Twenty: Staying Centered

I'm still on it.

Day Six Tasks, as on their site:

Realistic living doesn't mean you still can't try to jump over the moon, it means simply that you realize there's more to it than simply closing your eyes and blindly leaping.

1. Take a bath or shower. Wear cologne, perfume, deodorant, floss and brush your teeth. Shave. Check your hair; if you haven't had a haircut in the last two weeks, make a note to make an appointment or have it done today.

Again, your morning routine should be accomplished without clothing.

2. Bed make, room picked up, laundry sorted and ready for washing.

3. Review yesterday's hourly chart.

Write down any additional activities that made you unproductive. write down additional activities that you enjoyed. Keep hourly chart for today as well. You will continue this hourly chart EVERY DAY. Best if you can keep an ongoing list or columns of the unproductive activities and fulfilling activities. Remember, helping other people solve work related problems is work. Helping other people solve personal problems while at work is not a productive activity.

4. Two more photos.

5. If you have not been intimate with your spouse or significant other during the last six days, make plans to do so tonight.

Think about it several times during day. When the time comes, don't expect the world to move. Just relax and go with it. If your partner is uncooperative, don't be insistence, angry, or resentful. Simply settle for a hug; that counts for intimacy.

6. Three more "thank you emails."

Start printing copies of each one you send and put in a folder.

7. If at all possible, find a logical reason to email your superior, perhaps asking for clarification on a project or simply to update them on your current work.

8. At the end of the day, sit quietly in your living room or bedroom and write down the three or four things you would most like to change in this unique environment.

9. Put $1.25 in cash in a glass on your bedstand.

Accumulating tasks... just a reminder---

Eye contact always with everyone you meet. Making your bed. Receipts. Photos. Names of any new people you meet. Background notes on the people that you have trouble liking. Growing lists of productive and unproductive work behaviors.


I was having a good, productive, innovative day when tummy troubles hit in the late afternoon. Perhaps a bit too much spice in the soup! Anyway, I was afraid to stay at work any longer, so I knocked off at about 3:30. Took it easy for the rest of the day. Still no real exercise. I have to work on that.

I am spending time watching guided meditations/affirmations on YouTube each morning and evening. I've got a couple of different playlists created and just sit through a couple presentations each day. It doesn't take too much time to follow the guided meditations and I just can't seem to do it on my own. But I will do something everyday! Via The Happiness Project.

The lease negotiations aren't going well. I made a strategic misstep and I have to try to mitigate that somewhat today. There was a counter-offer made, but I still don't like it. The danger is me letting my feelings about the big rent hike cloud my enjoyment of The Closet. If these owners make these kinds of rent jumps, far outstripping the growth in the economy, then this will have to be my last year here. Plus, they only want to offer a 7 month lease! So I just need to remember that this is a problem to be solved - it is not personal. I am intending to stay for another year. I do not have to take on the whole "buy a house" thing right now. The answers will come in due time. I need to be happy in the action that I'm taking and worry less about the outcome. Focus on the process.

And speaking of focusing on the process, I'm not weighing right now. Food has been good, which, for me, means that it has been appropriate. I haven't had disordered thoughts or behaviors surrounding food. The extra pounds that I've picked up recently will take care of themselves over time if my food behavior stays as it should be. If I take the actions to keep myself mindful, centered and supported, the scale must follow the laws of physics/energy/parchisi and will eventually return to acceptable range. The behavior is far more important than the scale.


Assessment of Day Five. Spent Shar Pei time and I wore my favorite outfit. Which isn't my favorite outfit anymore. It was my favorite outfit because of it's size. I could wear the outfit and tell myself "Roxie, can you believe it? You are sashaying around here in size X britches." Well, I don't know exactly what I weigh, but I know that I've picked up some pounds recently and so the pants didn't fit as well as they have in the past. They weren't obnoxious or anything, I just didn't get a big rush from wearing them yesterday.

The hourly chart was really interesting. My job is mostly a "big picture" thing. Yes, there are software upgrades that require head-down, butt up work, but I am not in one of those times right now. So in these times, I'm more of a business analyst. I actively look for ways to improve service, efficiency, bottom line. So all of my work isn't done between 8 and 5. Most of the "big" ideas come in the wee hours of the morning or in the shower, when I'm thinking about the day ahead or what thread I saw the day before that needs to be picked up and tugged. So quantifying my productivity is a bit difficult. I've often said I have two gears - park and overdrive. The truth is that I don't much like park, I'd rather things were a bit more balanced (and centered!). Sensing a theme. Anyway, I did come up with what I think our next area of concentration should be, crunched a bunch of numbers, did some analysis work, and talked with the technical team. And yes, I surfed in between. But I look at it like this, if work gets to get in my head before the whistle blows, then they get to give me back some time during the day.

But I did love slicing and dicing and thinking and strategizing this new thread. The day flew by and I worked right through lunch and into the afternoon until the tummy trouble started. And I did work on my internal "eye rolling" when dealing with the two least favorite people from yesterday. No pictures. Did save the money. Good eye contact with everyone, including strangers. Saved receipts - of which there were actually none - I spent $2.00 yesterday on my morning diet cokes. I'm still doing very well on my no caffeine after noon thing. My grocery bill has shrunk considerably.

Tonight is a GNO at a local Mexican restaurant. Chips will be a problem. I need to check out the menu and see if I can get some broth based soup ordered quickly. It seems once I dive into the chip basket, it's hard for me to swim to safety. Need to stop that before it even starts. Strategies, anyone? Bueller?

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Stay centered.



  1. You have so much going on and I'm impressed that you are keeping everything straight! I like reading about your experiment - I wouldn't have the patience or the will to do it (tell me when to have sex? Hah!), but it's fun to see what you do.

    Have a good time tonight at the restaurant - I think it's a great idea to start with soup right away. That and a huge glass of water - make you feel full so the chips don't look as appealing (which we both know they are, but we can pretend, right?).

  2. Gonna say it again, Roxie, I'm just loving this and I'm so glad you decided to do it.

    #5 for today? At first I started getting aggravated but then when it came to the hug thing, I was all good. It's about time we redefine what TRUE intimacy is... and of course I can't wait to read what you do with that - lol!

    You're killing me with the Shar Pei comments, cut it out.

    There's one Mexican restaurant nearby where I choose to make the chips (along with a house salad) my dinner, they're that good.

  3. I struggle with chips at Mexican restaurants still - crack!

    A 7-month lease is odd. Are there a lot of students that rent in your area? That is the only reason I can think of for that particular number.

    And #5. I like that a hug can also be intimacy. Sometimes just a touch or a look can be more intimate than sex itself.


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