Thursday, December 30, 2010

Plans for The Future: The Mind And Spirit Edition

1. I'm participating in Ellen's Hate-Loss challenge. I love the idea behind this. I began to try to treat myself with lovingkindness a few years ago. I've done a decent job of reducing the ANTs (ANGRY NEGATIVE TALK) but I could do with some practice in replacing it with positive affirmations. I'm looking forward to this and I invite you all to join Ellen in this endeavor.

2. I am giving serious consideration to joining Dr. Brene` Brown's workshop on The Gifts of Imperfection.

3. I will be taking several classes in meditation every Friday in January.

4. I will continue to use and revisit my Twenty Days exercise.

5. I will continue to read and do the exercises posed in this book. And yes, it really is by that guy from The Office.

What are your plans to nurture your mind and spirit in 2011?

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Take good care of yourself. It bears repeating.



  1. I finally have visited Dr. Brown's page and will consider this. Sounds really interesting and potentially VERY worthwhile.

    Also I just ordered the Soul Pancake for me and one of my sons. That also sounds great.

    Also, love the idea of the Hate-Loss challenge. These all sound infinitely more beneficial than the weight related challenges I never follow through with! Happy New Year Roxie - looking forward to witness all of us continually to unfold...

  2. Looks like an enlightening year ahead for you! And thanks for the heads up on Soul Pancake - it sounds interesting and I've put it on my wish list. :)

  3. Have a Happy New Years Eve and day. Yours is what I consider my "spirit/heart" blog and plus I like the Texas sass.

    For 2011 I'm spending more time in prayer and meditation.


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