Monday, January 24, 2011


So on Saturday morning, I hopped on Cha-Cha and Trainer Joe and took off my I-don't-wanna pants and just got on with it. I'm liking the trainer, btw. It doesn't take away the fact that I'm just exercising rather than having fun, but it is easy and convenient and small. Given the size of The Closet, compact is good.

After exercising, I got showered and dressed. And I noticed that my smallest jeans were very tight. "Well, they just came out of the dryer", I told myself. Yea, right. So I ditched my no-weigh experiment and stepped on the scale.

Turns out, I've been lax in my exercising. I've been lax in avoiding sweets/treats/baked goods - not fully willing for long enough periods of time to avoid the FoodPusher Alley (office kitchen). Double whammy. And I'm eight pounds over my redline weight. And fourteen and a half pounds over my all-time lowest.

I am unwilling to let my all-time-lowest number bring me down. That weight, and I said it at the time, was unsustainable for me and I won't let it identify me. That weight was achieved by hours of fun, fun, fun biking and I am unwilling to put that much effort into hours and hours of not-nearly-so fun exercising. Sustaining that weight would have to be an all-consuming passion, and it's not. However, I am going to have to be ex-lax and get shit moving around here to get down below red-line.

So here's what I've done/am doing about it. And there is no recrimination here. It is what it is and it doesn't make me panic or fall back into hateful patterns. I'm just tweaking things and paying a bit more attention again.

1. I am adding another session with Cha-Cha and Trainer Joe in the evenings. Just 20 minutes to start. I can do 20 minutes without dread. Twenty minutes isn't trying to get it all back at once. Twenty minutes isn't punishment. Twenty extra minutes is sustainable and doable.

2. Salad kits. I wish I could remember where I saw this on the web - it was in this community. She prepares kits of ingredients so that lunch assembly is pre-done and easy. I went to the store and did prep work last night. And I've also prepared breakfasts for the next four days. On Friday we have another big breakfast to-do at the office. I'll plan ahead, but I'm not going to worry about it TODAY.

3. Pre-tracked food and exercise for the day. I've already rode this morning and I have another session this evening. Lunchtime will consist of another TNT class.

4. I've already drank a big glass of non-coffee this morning. Haven't even had my cuppa yet this morning.

5. This morning, before leaving the house, during my soul/spirit/esteem work, I will handwrite a note to myself about staying on the plan I've laid out and why, just for today, I will make decisions in my own best interest as an act of self-care.

Weekend was wonderful. Bick came into town, and while he did get his bigger pants, he decided to wait on the treadmill. More research, he said. He did suggest a walk in the park on Sunday. Let me repeat that. He did suggest a walk in the park on Sunday. We went. I loved it. He probably tolerated it okay :-).

I ditched the pie for dinner idea. After reading the reviews, the nutrition and knowing the state of Bick and my jeans, I decided that fish was in order. We had some lovely baked cod. The pie will wait until another day, if ever. It was a gift - hey, maybe I'll bake it and take it to work. That'll teach the food pushers!

He also offered a suggestion on where to position Cha-Cha and Trainer Joe, which led to a re-arrangement of furniture here at The Closet. I'm loving the new configuration. Feels new and different and more spacious. Unlike my jeans.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Re-arrange for optimal results.



  1. ooh maybe
    I totally that idea for salad kits too and I think it was from Marisa!

  2. When I first started LC, I saw a dude on YouTube that made a 2 minute salad or something like that.
    He prepped and chopped everything in advance.

    So I do that too. Zip lock bags of cubed cheese. Hard-boiled eggs. Fried bacon strips. Containers of this. Of that. So when ya get hungry, for a snack or a salad, *boom!* it's right there.

  3. Winter is hard. Even when you live in a place that doesn't have much of a winter, it's still your winter. Personally I have no motivation this time of year so prepping meals is probably the only thing that saves me from ballooning up like the marshmallow guy in Ghostbusters.

    You're a woman with a pland and I'm guessing that your small jeans will feel new and spacious in no time at all.

  4. Roxie, this is one the most creative blog title posts I've ever seen and I am still laughing! How much fun you must be in person.....

    Yes, it was Marisa at LoserForLife who came up with the brilliant idea for the salad kits. I'm enjoying mine!

  5. It was Marisa and I totally stole her idea, too! There is nothing like the feeling of having everything all ready for you when you are tired and hungry - and so much better than a frozen meal. I like that you have yourself set for a successful week of eating! And I think jeans are the best non-scale way to keep yourself on track. They will be back to fitting nicely soon, no doubt.

    Oh, that pie? My gosh, after reading the reviews, I wonder what the heck Oprah was thinking? I'd probably just toss it (or donate it to a food pantry) - sounds like it wouldn't be worth the calories.

  6. Of course I had to read this post with a title like that and what I've been going through lol. Wasn't what I expected, but what a good plan of action you have set for yourself. I'm sure you will be back below the red line before you know it Roxie.

  7. I also got a good laugh from your smart title! Very clever - this won't make YOU feel better probably, but I have to say that witnessing a guru such as yourself struggle honestly and openly with an occasion scale blip really makes ME feel better. Just knowing I'm not the only one who is not making this journey in linear fashion.

    The salad kit idea is INSPIRED. I'm going to do it this afternoon when I get home while watching Oprah.

    Great plan you have - no doubt you'll reverse that scale blip muy pronto.

  8. Those extra 20 minutes on Chacha will pass by really fast if you have netflix and load up Futurama on the instant watch queue! That's just 1 episode (actually they are 22 minutes, but who's counting?).

  9. Well, your post title sure did get my attention - lol You're so incredibly clever, Roxie!
    You are the perfect example of how one should behave when maintaining. I renounce my remark about reaching that 100%. It truly is about ebb and flow and your post hits that point home. Your mind is in the right mode and you're finding peace and purpose there. Enough said.

  10. My dad used to say "nice move ex-lax". PUN INTENDED. You will get it together. You always do. Without panic and with grace. You always do.

    Laughed at the "need more research" claim from Bick. Salad kits here I come!

  11. Go do your thang-Ex-Lax! I think your plan sounds great and very doable. Looking forward to your red line...

    Polar's Mom

  12. The beginning of your post made me laugh--I have had many "my pants are tight because of the dryer" moments :).

    Glad to hear you have a plan for getting on track--congrats!

  13. I love the blogger world, so many, me included, knew about Marisa's salad kits....what a community.
    You go girl, you know what you are doing.


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