Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I Believe in Happy Endings

I believe in happy endings. No, not the white knight, fairy tale kind, but the kind where good things happen to really terrific people. A couple of my dear friends have shared with me their wonderful news - joyous, wonderful, life-changing news - and I couldn't be more pleased for them. I share their joy and excitement. I look to each of them as role models - even though they are both younger than me. Both of these women have been true to themselves and have followed courageous paths to be that way.

I believe in happy endings for me, too. I don't know what that will mean, but I do know that I can't "unlearn" what I've learned on this journey and while I don't believe my happy ending will be all big and splashy, it will be peaceful, joyous and right. And honestly, I feel like I'm living my happy ending right now. I feel like I am, perhaps for the first time, living my life. It's not all perfect here in the land of Rainbows and Unicorns, but I'm not Someday-ing it away. And it's exhilarating.

I ran the gauntlet through Food Pusher Alley (office kitchen) three times yesterday to fill my water bottle and I was victorious! I ate healthful and nutritious food yesterday. But I need to start wearing my glasses all the damned time - I was packing my lunch and at the last second, noticed I was getting ready to pack a container with half an onion and half a summer squash. Now I believe in eating whole, real food, but that would have been a little too real for me!

On the exercise front, well, today is a new day. I had planned to rearrange my schedule to take in my first ever Zumba class - well, I did rearrange my schedule to take my first ever Zumba class. And in a rare moment of "I don't want to walk in there by myself", I bailed. I don't know where that came from, as I usually just soldier right on through those things and go where I want to, with or without accompaniment, but yesterday, I just wasn't feeling it. Which I could have recovered from later in the day, but I just didn't. I won't feel guilty about it - today is a new day - and there's another TNT class on the books.

Note to tea drinkers: Please recommend a nighttime tea. Thanks.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Share in the joy.



  1. Zumba is fun! Go! You don't have to do exactly what the teacher does and you can laugh at your self...I went last night with a friend and I screwed up my steps more then I care to know but my instructor said "make up your own steps if you need to just keep moving" lol...and I usually

  2. Roxie, I'm so glad that you have this peace within your life right now and feel like this is the living you've been waiting for. Makes me feel so happy for you :)
    As far as tea goes (you knew I'd have an opinion): as much as I like loose tea, if you are looking for something to help you relax, I have had tremendous success with Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Extra tea bags. They really do the trick.

  3. I was glad to read that and think about happy endings, although, I like happy present, as opposed to the ending. I've learned a lot about the word "joy" and like to focus on that.

  4. Hi Roxi!

    I like Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Vanilla.

    AND - I thought of a name for Cha-Cha's indoor support system. Merengue. (mer-ang-ay) I'm running with the assumption that Cha-Cha is a subtle reference to a dance move. They can be Merengue and Cha-Cha!

    Zumba - give it a shot. SO FUN, even if you can't get the rear end wiggle just right or trip over your feet.

  5. So happy to read about your happiness and living your happy ending now. That's a good life lesson for all of us. Joy & peace now.

    Zumba is a lot of fun. I was so scared the first time i went because "what if I don't know the steps?" "What if everyone is looking at me?" No one cares what you're doing because they're too busy trying to do the moves themselves. It's a fun class. :)

  6. I believe in the same kinds of happy endings :-) Peace is such a lovely thing, isn't it?

    As for the tea I like before bed? Camomile, with a little lemon and a touch of honey.

  7. Great thoughts. Yeah, the ending could some at any moment, so best to be happy in this one. It's really the only place we can find peace. Right here, right now.

  8. You are really in your element and it shows! Love your confidence. And your daring. And just the way you embrace life now!

    I like a peppermint tea - I currently am drinking Candy Cane Lane (leftover from Christmas) but I bet any peppermint would be good.

  9. You sound so good. Living our lives...that's what I want too!

    They are now offering "Curves with Zumba" but on the video they have going all the time, it looks kind of weird and dorky. Maybe that's just me, but I am not encouraged to take it by the video. I'm just saying they need a better video, because it's not something that says to me "Grace, you have GOT to take this class!"

    Do you have a Trader Joe's in Texas? If so, I really like Yogi Ginger Tea with soy milk and a little sweetener.

  10. I love the place that you are in right now Roxie :D

  11. I thought of a name today while at work-
    and I musta sent it telepathically to everyone else...
    Trainer Joe!

    .....well allrighty then......

  12. Roxie~

    Loved the post. I am so happy to know that you are in a good place. It has been a joy to share this process with you. Thanks!

    I need some more info on your indoor bike thing. I am so technical it kills me. I have an extra room and that might be something I might. Of course the weather is gorgeous right now. Summer will be here soon enough.

    I noticed a road trip to Cali in April. I am hoping you make a stop here in Phoenix. Would love it!

    Have a great day........


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