Friday, January 7, 2011

Not As Planned

Well, we didn't get to the yell last night or dinner. Things just didn't gel quite like they should. Oh well. I'll try to catch the last part of the game tonight.

And I am looking forward to tonight. I'm beginning a five week course in meditation taught by a monk. I'm attending with the girl-half of the Poolville Pagans, Talia. It's at our church and then we'll grab a coffee afterwards and have a chat. Looking forward to that.

And I need to get over to Big D to see my Grandbeast who is recovering from surgery. Evidently, The Most Expensive Dog In The World snagged a corn cob out of the trash a while ago and it lodged in his intestine. He is expected to make a full recovery. His parents have canceled their ski trip for the winter.

Had a great lunch with my sister yesterday. She's still being diligent on her eating program, although I think she punishes herself with the workouts. I don't see much enjoyment there - but she didn't ask me, so I kept my trap shut.

I'll be watching SadieLu this weekend as Bick travels back down to Houston for another memorial service for his Mom. It's on Sunday evening and I have a command performance at work on Monday, so I'll just hang out with The Grand Dame.

Followed Helen's lead this morning and got my exercise out of the way first thing this morning, knowing that I had plans for the evening and my lunch workout is iffy.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. If you've got a corn cob? Remove it.



  1. Love that bottom pic. That the Grand-beast that ate the worlds most expensive corn cob?

  2. Oh my dog. Pets and their vet bills - fun times.

    Gold star to you for not commenting on your sister's workouts - hopefully she'll figure out that they can be a (somewhat) enjoyable part of life. It's hard to watch people bumble through things when we could tell them the best way (says one who has had her grown children home for nearly 3 weeks now).

  3. What a great looking dog!

    Enjoy the meditation class - I did that for a year awhile back and it was great. Gotta get back to it! Have a good w/e -

  4. You kept your trap shut. Magnificent. I need to learn to be better at that... perhaps the next time something arises I'll try and follow your lead.

    That is one big honkin dog. You'd think a corn cob would have passed right on through.

    Have a great weekend.

  5. What is wrong with me in that I find that dog to be completely and utterly intimidating, yet want to plant kisses all over his face?
    Very curious to see how your class goes - very cool.

  6. Adorable pic of the grandbeast :)

    I hope you and SadieLu have a great time together.


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