Saturday, January 8, 2011

Pretzel Logic

Spent some time on Cha-Cha and her assistant (her assistant needs a name!) this morning. Lip synching and saddle-dancing to the tunes on my iPod. With the curtain drawn, of course. That would be a sight never to be seen! Now it's time to straighten up The Closet, get cleaned up and head over for my massage. Ahhhh.

I haven't given the rest of the day much thought. I may go over to The Modern, as they are having "Adult Swim" tonight. Or I may run over to Dallas to see the kids and The GrandBeast. Don't know. I'll have SadieLu and I don't like to leave her. May be a RedBox night.

Talia didn't make meditation last night, but I went by myself. It was good and interesting. I haven't made myself sit and meditate for that length of time for a long while and I wasn't comfortable through the entire thing for sure. I'll do a little stretchy-stretchy before hand next time. And in the "Some People" category, during QA - it's always interesting to see the people who really wish they were teaching the class - more-zen-than-thou types. Heaven's to Buddha guys, this is an introductory class to Buddhist meditation. Flash your OHM cred somewhere else. Or else sign up to teach, but don't try to teach the class from the front row. Oh well. I will go back. I am not disciplined enough to establish a good solid practice at home, so I will go back and sit and breathe with the group.

Food and exercise pretty good - save for the Praline Pusher at the office. But hand to heart, she makes the best praline I've ever had. I thought I didn't like pralines until I had hers. So for dinner last night, I had my own version of Atonement Soup. I didn't feel guilty about having the pralines, they were that good, so I did make a different decision on dinner - not to atone for the pralines, but to account for them. They were last meal good.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Be accountable.



  1. Yummy stuff!
    Last meal good is pretty darned good!

  2. Funny to see this image because we just got around to watching Eat, Pray Love last night.

    Man, you nailed that annoying bit of behavior -- those people who really want to be the instructor. Aye yi yi!

  3. We have a person like that in my running group - the "expert" as I like to call him. Shows up ever few weeks or so and expounds on how we are doing things wrong and how awesome he is. OK maybe that last part is implied, but it's implied pretty strongly. Whatevs - we politely listen and then do our thing. Why do we do that - be so polite to these people? They aren't.

    Glad you liked your class anyway. :) Hope you have a great weekend, what ever you end up doing!


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