Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Toilet Paper Casserole*

A pretty severe cold snap is headed this way, so I headed to the grocery store to prepare. I needed to get ingredients for a Toilet Paper Casserole - milk, eggs, bread, TP and Diet Coke. Actually, those items weren't on my list, but as it turns out, I didn't get much from my list anyway. Much like Crazy Aunt Purl, I ran into The Manager's Specials, complete with Big Orange Stickers and I was loathe to pass up a bargain, even if it meant the weirdest assortment of groceries since Phish was in town.

I got 4 bags of baby greens for .50 each. One bag went into today's Big Ass Lunch Salad. I'm thinking some sort of vegetarian or chicken wraps for the rest of it. I got a container of those all-ready peeled avocados - says it contains 6 halves for .99. An avocado portion went into the lunch salad, as well. I got an organic papaya the size of a football for .79. I had a chunk of it with dinner last night and cut up the rest and put it in the fridge. I wasn't sure how I liked papaya, but this was so ripe (hence the quick sale) that it was just wonderful.

I got a carton of organic egg whites that will make up today's breakfast omelet. $2.49 for the eggs and it will make four omelets. I also got two one pound containers of fresh pre-soaked black eyed peas for .50 each. I've already got one container made into a very, very spicy soup/side dish. Oh, and chicken thighs were on sale -not The Manager's Special - but good enough. I drug out The George and grilled up some thighs and used one on the lunch salad. The rest I chopped up and put in the fridge. The remaining thighs I bagged up and put in the freezer.

To round out the list, the non-sale items included FlatOut flatbread and prepared pico de gallo (which I used instead of a sofrito when making the spicy blackeyed pea soup). Pre-made pico de gallo isn't the best thing, but it sure is easy. I go through a lot of it. A couple of tablespoons go into my eggs every morning, along with some spices. They are easy to use and add a lot of flavor. I try to always keep it on hand. I also bought some Mexican white cheese. It's a crumbly, flavorful cheese and it's much cheaper than feta. I sprinkled about .5 ounce on the salad. While I wasn't bargain hunting, it's just hard for me to walk away, so I'll have some interesting food combos over the next few meals.

On the exercise front, I loved the TNT class yesterday. Loved it. And the best news is that she is teaching this class twice a week! I've added group exercise classes to my intentions for this year. I miss the group dynamic. I'm feeling all-over sore, but in that good way, not the I-can't-move-it-hurts-so-bad way. Aleve is my BFF.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Be prepared.

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*not created by me. I read the term on a board I frequent. Cracked me right up.


  1. Aleeve and Advil, with Motrin as a close contender.
    Who really shops by the list, anyways?
    Not with such finds waiting around every corner!

  2. Those are some great specials! Where do you shop?

    Glad the TNT class went well. Group classes can be a lot of fun. I need to go try them out again. :)

    Sore muscles aren't fun but they let you know you worked hard. Great job!

  3. Great shopping finds! I always enjoy reading your blog. Also, it sounds like you're doing well overall--exercise and everything. You are an inspiration!

  4. Love that! I never heard it before. I did my own pre-storm shopping the other day. Wanted something to put in the crockpot. that feels "snow day" to me.

  5. Ahh, nothing like panic shopping before a storm...I did it yesterday afternoon with some specific dishes in mind, but no TP casserole! Great bargains you got. I also have a big ass salad for lunch, plus a nice big portion of "0" points spaghetti squash. I think I'm developing an addiction to it! Even without butter:)

  6. We've got 18" of snow headed our way tonight and tomorrow. I can guarantee you that if I go to the store tonight, the items for toilet paper casserole will be sold out.

    I have a great spicy black-eyed pea soup recipe too. I'll have to post on the blog. How about you share yours?

  7. We have the same BFF.

    Who knew about white Mexican cheese?

    I rarely make a list. That could half of my prob right there...lol. Alittle planning goes along way. 3 cheers for sore muscles.

  8. Hands in the air for bargain shopping! :D

    I never pass up a bargain on staples, as I know it will get used up at some point.

  9. What brand of Mexican cheese? Is it the "cojeta"? I've been interested to try it - I like it when I've had it in restaurants. Great bargain finds - this must be what hunters feel like, right? LOL

    Oh, your title busted me up. So true. Stay warm up there - my kids are headed back tonight and woooo are they gonna be cold!

  10. Burn baby burn! LOL! But its a good burn right?! :)

    Man its cold here. Not getting out of the 30's for 2 days and down to like 13 tonight. Glad this doesn't happen often. Heater is working overtime. Stay warm! Hugs deb

  11. Enjoyed that list O food suggestions (well, *I* took them as suggestions). We're finally having warmer weather. Today it's almost 55 degrees.

    I always have water on hand. Gas for the generator. And I'd not starve either.

  12. I don't believe I've ever seen pre-soaked black-eyed peas. Must research.

    One of my goals for January was to eat out of my pantry as much as possible, which is making for some interesting meals. The good news is that when our next storm hits, I'll have to stockpile and create my own TP casserole. :)


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