Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Wednesday Melange

(Just pretend you are reading this on Wednesday morning, m'kay?)

1. Post and link back to the person who awarded you this award Karen at Waisting Time
2. Share 7 things about yourself;
3. Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers (or as many as you can); and
4. Contact these bloggers and tell them they’ve won

A big thank you to Karen and the shout out. I cannot imagine there is anything that I haven't already cussed and discussed, but here goes:

1. There was a time when I wanted a Pontiac Fiero with all of my being. Thankfully, that was one prayer that went unanswered.

2. When I was in high school, I wanted to be the next Barbara Walters and pursue a career in broadcast journalism. Or be an accountant. Thankfully, I am neither of those things today.

3. When I was in first grade, my reading skills were such that I was taken to some sort of educators' conference at Baylor University. I was seated on the stage and was given different books from which to read selected passages and then had to answer questions about what I'd read. Obviously there were Catholic schools in attendance, as it was here that I saw my first nun.

4. As a kid, I used to ride up in the mountains on my horse. One of my favorite things to do was to jump off the horse and play hide and seek with him by running away just as fast as I could. He always found me. It's a miracle that I didn't end up walking out of some of those hills on foot.

5. I am the first person on either side of my family to go to and graduate from college.

6. I became obsessed with a SNL skit from back in the day - The Ricky Rat Club. A few friends and I even had t-shirts made.

7. I grew up near a family with four children - Cactus, Wilma, Elvis and Steve.

I'm going to reverse this trend and have you suggest new blogs to me. I go through ebbs and flows with blogging and right now my list isn't expanding. Tell me who I should be reading and why? What is being said out there in the community that I need to hear? Who is extra dear to you right now?

I am working on being more precise with my language and not over-sell. So here goes - yesterday had some rough spots. The kickoff with the repair work left me with some expectations not met, as well as more uncomfortable feelings. That being said, I am THRILLED with how I handled it all. I didn't spew it all over everyone in my vicinity. I chose not to vent to one of my most trusted advisors. Instead, I just acknowledged how I was feeling. I didn't do a single thing - vent, rage, spew, or eat over it - I just sat in it, felt the anxiety and breathed through it. I didn't seek out approval, validation or sympathy. I didn't do one think that made it worse. And by the end of the day, I was feeling good about the self-care that I was able to provide. And no "hangover" of any kind.

Did an awesome spin class. The instructor teaches my TNT class, as well. She is so knowledgeable and is a super motivator. My plan is to spend 2 TNT days and one spin day a week with her. A good leader can make all the difference in the world in the energy that happens in a group fitness class. I also spent some time on Cha-Cha before work.

Still listening to these. One of the steps listed is to make some promise to yourself that you will do without fail and in the event of failure, you will own the reason why not - my promise to myself is to spend 15 minutes every day doing soul/spiritual work - reading and writing about it. The interesting thing that transpired out of this was my desire to go one "better" - and start giving myself all sorts of "shoulds" - rather than just concentrating on doing the one small thing consistently. Truly, this is one of my core beliefs, but sticking to it without "scope creep" is difficult. If a little is good, more is better! Or so I'd like to believe - but by keeping things small and manageable, I am more apt to do them and be successful. My success depends not on what I could do in one day, but what I will do every day.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Breathe through it.


I'm doing sort of an experiment for the next 15 days. I'm going to see how I do without weighing, but with spending the 15 minutes reading and writing on soul/spirit/esteem topics.


  1. I rode to the church on my wedding day in my dad's Fiero! And I play with Paco like you played with your horse (although we do it in the house)...:)

    Sometimes even when things are crappy, just handling them well makes them not so bad. Kudos for handling the repair issues well!

    Hmmm...I'll have to come back with a blog suggestion.

  2. HAHA, oh the good old Pontiac Fiero. I had a girlfriend that had one and she couldn't keep it away from the mechanic. One problem after another, but I digress...

  3. Congrats on the award. The car I dreamed of was Pontiac Firebird. Pure awesomeness when compared to my mom's Chevy Impala.

    I just did an award post today where I had to pass it on to 3 others and the ones I gave it to are relatively new to me. I really like all 3, so check 'em out if you get a chance.

    Your spiritual intention and work is inspiring me. I'm finding Marianne Williamson a little too new agey for me, and I think it's all been said before by her, but she's plugging in food to make it a "new" book. But I haven't been as diligent on a daily basis. Your 15 minutes a day is doable.

  4. I remember Rickey Rat!
    And the scale - awesome!
    That thing can be a out-of whack as our past obsessions! If we let it be!

  5. I so agree - the instructor makes all the difference!

  6. Have you ever read Marisa at Loser for Life? She's pretty cool.

  7. Hide and seek with horse sounds truly delightful. At least part of my childhood was spent roaming wide open spaces in rural AZ... my poor kids don't get that. Hope they're not too warped. I like your plan and will listen with interest to how it unfolds.

  8. I can't wait to see all the new blogs people suggest. I'm in a bit of blog slump myself. Always reading the same ones.

    I love how you really give things a lot of thought. The 'I didn't do a single thing - vent, rage, spew, or eat over it - I just sat in it, felt the anxiety and breathed through it.' is something I need to learn how to do. I tend to have a knee-jerk reaction, then I deeply regret it later. I'm going to try this today when someone ticks me off (because you can bet someone will :).

    Thanks again for a very thought provking post, as always.

  9. My list of blogs has decreased too. I don't dare grab onto more. Sorry no suggestions for those.

    Pontiac Fiero. Wow.

    I may download that Myss audio book. It sounds good. I have been getting your updates on goodreads and they are helpful too.

  10. I loved reading these seven things about you! Thanks for sharing some neat tidbits.


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