Friday, January 14, 2011

"What Do You Want To Do Tonight?"

Slater is off in California enjoying time with his buddies and his wife's frequent flier awards. Pebbles called and asked me to come over and spend the night tonight.

"What do you want to do tonight?" I asked.

"Let's snuggle and watch Netflix movies" she replied.

This one of the things I have always loved about this kid. Even as a college student when she would come home for a visit, sometimes late at night, she would knock on my bedroom door, movie in hand, and crawl in bed with me to watch a movie. We'd watch our favorites over and over again through the years - When Harry Met Sally, Singles, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Napoleon Dynamite (sometimes with the sound off so that we could say the speaking parts), Garden State - mostly her favorites, but some of mine.

So I guess after my meeting tonight with the contractor, I'll head over to Dallas to spend the night. I was going to meditation, but need to meet with the contractor, so that's out. Pebbles says we are making the Turkish dessert we both fell in love with. I hope that we can learn from my first experience making it. Anyway, I don't know what I will do for exercise. The weather is supposed to be crappy and Saturday is normally my "big" exercise day, but I don't get these kinds of opportunities to hang out with Pebbles that often, so I'll figure out some way to account for lack of exercise and an indulgent Turkish dessert.

Food and exercise has been good. The scale has not moved, but I am not letting that bother me. I know that I am doing the good-for-me things and my body is just having a time adjusting. I will trust the process and not obsess about a number. I choose peace; I've got time to remove the Christmas Funk. The scale does not dictate my day.

Today is yet another birthday celebration at work. This time I showed a little leadership and assigned food to bring by category. I am hopeful we won't end up like we did last time with a mountain of baked goods and then everyone scarfing down the healthy choice that I brought and leaving me empty handed! I'm doing something a little different this time - I'm bringing Fage for a yogurt bar. I'm bringing honey and granola and there will be fruit there. I'm betting there won't be a line to the Fage - but I will warn people that Greek yogurt takes a little getting used to. I will have a healthful breakfast today!

I missed the spin class yesterday and ended up on the treadmill. Today the only class offered is Pilates and I think I need some cardio, so I guess it will be some machine form of cardio.

I've got dinner on Saturday with Bick, Sandy and Aloysius and then Sunday, Pebbles is trying to organize an outing with her aunt, her grandmother and me, but the aunt and grandmother are being a bit weird, so I don't know how that will all work out. But it is NOT up to me to get in the middle of it and broker a deal. I gave up my broker's license a while ago. Their relationship is theirs. I have enough difficulties with my own. Sigh.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Snuggle down.



  1. Sounds like a perfect weekend to me. I'm thinking that maybe I need to move to a Closet so I can experience more weekends like yours and less like the ones I usually have.

    Great idea assigning food. I didn't notice it as a kid, but as an adult I eventually gave up participating in our church potlucks because I got so tired of being one of the only people to actually make a healthy dish.

  2. Love your attitude. Do the right things and trust that your body will adjust in the end.

    Have a great weekend.

  3. Trust the process. Good advice for sure.

    I laughed about the yogurt. I dare them to eat it all. Spend time with your Kid. You're right, enjoy. It's those times that memories are made.

    The broker's license...sometimes I forget mine isn't valid.

    Have a snugglie weekend!

  4. I bet people will be into the yogurt...
    Love that your daughter wants to snuggle, mine is 9 and is always wanting a snuggle, i hope it lasts. Suggestions on how to keep it going? Although, her brothers tease her that she will be living with me FOREVER.
    Glad you are paying attention to the meaningful things in life like the snuggle and know that the exercise will find it's way in.

  5. I think it sounds like a wonderful weekend. That Pebbles is such a sweetheart.

    Love that you're taking the Fage. And it will probably be the first to go :)

    Have a wonderful snuggle filled weekend, Roxie.

  6. Love that you took charge of the potluck - can't wait to hear how it worked out. My prediction is that your coworkers actually ENJOYED having more healthy options! And hopefully you got to eat some as well.

    Sounds like the perfect weekend - you know you did something right when your adult child wants to spend time with you like that. :)

  7. I predict the yogurt bar will be a big hit. What a great idea.

    Enjoy your weekend - it sounds delightful.

  8. You're so right--all you can control is what you eat, what you do, and your attitude. The body/scale will catch up!

    Have a great weekend! It looks to be a lot of fun!

  9. Yeah for eating right and exercising and not letting the scale dictate your day:)

  10. Gosh, your number looks great to me, being about ahumph pounds below what I saw this morning.

    What a nice daughter. Enjoy!


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