Friday, March 25, 2011

Belly Up To The Bar

Springtime evenings in Texas are a joy. Throw in some great women and some fabulous gelato and a fun time is bound to be had.

No news. Same old routine, which is just lovely. Yesterday was the first day that the entire office was back in place - the first time since October. Another week or so and things will be back to normal. Oh, I did have to adjust my plans a skosh yesterday, as the trip to the gelato bar was impromptu, so my Italian treat became most of my dinner. I had a hard time counting the calories on it, as all the counts came up really low relative to the goodness of the treat. Oh well, I'd do it again. Lovely on all counts.

No news on the housefront - nothing back from my counter counter offer. I don't expect to hear anything, really. So it's on to the next thing, when it appears.

I am disappointed in my plans for the evening. I had planned to enjoy yet another Texas spring night and run out to a small town about an hour away to go to the drive-in with the FOOs (Mom and Sister), but the movie tonight is scary/thriller and I don't like those normally. So now we are just stuck with going out to dinner and I was really looking forward to dinner in the car, with the Washington candy bars for dessert! Again, oh, well.

And I adored "expectations are just resentments under construction". Love that saying and I believe it to be so very true.

Got in a lunchtime workout yesterday and will do the same today. Tomorrow's plans include an early morning gym workout, followed by a meeting, followed by a massage/mani/pedi courtesy of a very-soon-to-be-expiring Groupon. I have got to quit buying those things. The drive-in was a Groupon, too, so it will go unused. After that, I may head up to Bick's and give him a hand with his garden and flower planting. He's knee deep in his own private version of "Curb Appeal" as the realtor is coming by next week to take pictures and he's sprucing things up. His house won't go on the market until mid-April so he still has some time. I think I've got some pictures of the front of the house when I had things in full bloom which I would use, as things are still a bit barren right now. And from what I've learned in the real estate market, photos are even more doctored than online dating photos!

Here's wishing you all a wonderful, good-for-you, weekend!

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Great expectations lead to great resentments.



  1. I bought a Groupon for my new DIL's Bday and before I got to use it the Salon was no more. BOO!

    Enjoy. Same old same old is great with me too.

  2. I have never tried gelato in all my 57+ years - there's a new gourmet artisan pizza place close by that boasts fantastic homemade gelato. Will have to try it.

    Have a great weekend - enjoy early spring. It's freaking 27 degrees here this morning - gimme a break:)!

  3. Oooh, GELATO!!! We don't have that in my town and I am glad...saves me from myself. :)

  4. Gelato is the bomb and very worth the calorie count. Is that photo of the choices you had?

    Same old same old can be the very best things at times. Enjoy the mani/pedi and whatever your weekend may bring!

  5. I don't believe I've ever experienced a gelato bar. I must be on the lookout for an opportunity!


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