Tuesday, March 8, 2011

High Tea

I'm having guests over tonight for snackies, a visit and a tour. My supervisor from about twenty years ago and her husband, who is legally, but not literally blind, are looking to move into the same complex in which I currently live. They own a house in the very area that I would like to live and want to wait for the housing market to bounce back a bit before selling it. They have been able to rent it out and have been living the "urban" lifestyle for a couple of years and just love it. They want an insider's view of this place, so I'm having them over right after work for a chat.

Which reminds me, I've fallen down with entertaining here at The Closet. I'm trying to remember the last time I had someone over. I guess it was Barbie. I need to remedy that. It is just so easy to fall into the habit of NOT entertaining - NOT engaging others. And yes, I think it is a habit. And I wonder how closely it is tied to internet usage? Or is it just a sign of the times? Are we so busy that we don't entertain, even on a small scale?

I know for me, it is just so difficult to make social calls. I just don't do it. I'll text, for sure, but it's hard for me, even to call my Trusted Advisor. I don't even do that as often as would be beneficial. I need to continue to work on this area of my life. People bring me pleasure - it is important to continue to cultivate friends with skin, in addition to friends with keyboards.

I did not act in my own best interest food-wise yesterday. I know where my achilles' heel is and I chose not to guard it. I was feeling a bit down about a couple of things and I knew my resolve was weak and I should have waited to pick up the food stuffs I needed for tonight, but I did not. So, I violated my rule about shopping when impaired. I did not stick to my rule about making decisions when they are easy.

Work is crazy busy and will be until early May. The seminar that I am organizing for my professional colleagues is coming along, but is a ways from being completely planned. I've got my work trip to Seattle coming up on Saturday and I have not even thought about what to pack. But first things first, I guess. What can I do today that is in my own best interest?

What will you do today that is in your own best interest? What will further your goals? One of mine would be to quit buying Groupons! I've been amassing them like crazy - only the good restaurant ones, but still.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Have people over. Relatives don't count.



  1. "Relatives don't count." I LOVE that! I tell Mr. Helen that all the time. I'll say "let's have people over" and he'll start mentioning family members and I usually stomp my foot and say "NO! We see enough of those people!" I love them but just want to entertain friends for a change.

    I do think the internet or rather social media has something to do with lack of face to face time. My sister, who is considering dating again, told me she doesn't know how she's going to do it because men don't even call anymore, they just text. I think she's decided if someone really wants to take her out, they have to pick up a phone and call.

  2. Oh I so relate! Something I had to figure out is how to entertain in a way that makes sense to me...that doesn't stress me out. Doing a big sit down dinner? No way. A casual get together where we all sit around the living room and have a buffet? Yes!

  3. I am not an entertainer - maybe once or twice a year do we have people over...just not something I enjoy (obviously, or I would do it more, lol). I do agree that social media has changed the way we communicate - where I used to think nothing of picking up the phone to call someone, I rarely do that now - but email and texting? I'm all over that.

    Oh, your Groupon comment makes me feel better about not having that available here - I've been so envious of people who live in areas where they can buy Groupons, but truth be told, I'd probably go overboard (who me? double LOL). Have a great day, Roxie!

  4. I need to work on entertaining, too. I've fallen out of the habit over the past several years. Enjoy your visit this evening.

    Friends with skin and not just keyboards? Perfect! I wave in your general direction every day as I drive/walk/ride over the bridge.

  5. Ugh. I share the same problem. It's so easy to use the keyboard. It actually takes effort to engage people in person. But it's much more rewarding.

    Thanks for holding p a mirror for me today.

  6. We love Groupons! I am going to exercise more. I've been putting in extra time several afternoons a week and it feels great.

  7. I love to entertain and am pretty good at it. But I don't do it unless I have to. Same with making phone calls (as you already know). I know it's good for me, I know that I'll feel better once it's done - but it's like I need a mother around telling me that I HAVE to do it, otherwise I just procrastinate. Glad to hear that you're not giving in. You'll have a great time.

  8. How funny! I hate to have people over. I wish I had the entertain gene, but sadly I am lacking.

    I have only bought one groupon. Haven't even used it yet. It's for my new DIL's Bday. Killer deal though.

    I can usually feel myself isolating by being on the internet and leave it alone. It feels like a tweeter thing after awhile. MAkes me nervous. I do like texting though. Especially when I used to talk on the phone all day.

  9. Hosting non-relatives (great distinction too!) is something we rarely do. High time we started. Thanks for the idea!

    Thanks for the well wishes too. What an opportunity for a little inventory work, eh?

  10. I need more face time and less screen time as well.
    I started yesterday :)
    I think my socializing muscles are sore this morning.


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