Monday, March 28, 2011

Manic Monday

Heading into the office extra early today. Lots on the agenda and I need an early start. I expect I'll be dragging my behind at the end of business today.

I do expect to hear something about the condo today. I'm still laying odds at about 50/50 and I'm totally zen about which way it goes.

Cold(ish) grey, windy and damp weather has rolled in and is expected to stay for the week. And here I thought spring was completely here.

I've got my food planned and my exercise for lunch. I am sorry to report that my lunch gym has removed HGTV from the menu! This is a serious issue for me as HGTV is what drags my sorry, lazy butt to the gym about 30% of the time. Sadness.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Take care of business.



  1. ahh I feel for you!!

    one womans HGTV is anothers BRAVO.

  2. When they canceled cable at work I was very sad. Thst's where the treadmill was.

    Good luck with the house. Congrats on the ZEN.

  3. Zen sounds like the perfect state of being for a Manic Monday!

  4. Can't live without HGTV. You'll be way ahead of the game when you get into your next home! Looking forward to hearing how this plays out.

  5. No HGTV would be a big loss for me. Love it! Good luck with the condo.


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