Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March Forth

I think I’ve been shorting myself on my breakfast. I just end up being too hungry all the rest of the day. Over the weekend, I started upping the quantity of my egg white omelets to a more satisfying level and I think it’s working a bit better. There’s always some tweaking to be done around here. I bought the southwest version of EggBeaters (they were on sale) and I really like them much better than just the plain egg whites. I’m sure it has to do with the sodium. But if I watch it the rest of the day, I’ll be fine.

Went to the gym at lunch for treadmill time. About a half hour in, I got hit with waves and waves of nausea. I wasn’t working that hard, so I don’t know what was going on. Went ahead and went to lunch, thinking some food might help. That was a mistake. Ate a few bites and had to leave the restaurant. While walking back to work, the nausea stopped as soon as it started. Very, very weird. And then I was hungry, as I’d bought and paid for lunch, but only ate a few bites. Ended up at the vending machine in the afternoon, but didn’t overdo it calorie wise. Normally, when I start with that junk, I’m like your Grandma Nettie playing the slots in Reno - just feeding in coins. Yesterday was different.

Today it is back to the gym at lunch, followed by the postponed dinner with Barbie. We are going to an Italian restaurant tonight, so that will be a challenge. She says she’s trying to eat more healthfully, so perhaps between the two of us, we can steer clear of the worst of it. I’m leaning towards the chilled fresh asparagus appetizer and perhaps the soup of the day, depending, or maybe just the grilled chicken and vegetables. There are good, clean choices to be made here, if I choose to make them.

And just when I make the decision to get back on the bus, the temperature drops by 25 degrees! Oh well. I’ve got enough warm clothes to deal with it.

I am loving my streaming netflix dvr thingy. Last night, I watched Roxanne. I am one of those silly people who will watch a favorite movie over and over.

Goals for March: some form of exercise and track food every day

Looking over the above menu, what would you choose?

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Decide when it's easy.



  1. OK. Italian is my VERY FAVORITE food so when I go to an Italian restaurant I generally have it as a treat meal because I'm not sure I can be discipline. Having said that, and looking at that menu, I would totally pick that Aspargus appetizer as it sounds so good and I love asparagus. The main dish would be hard for me, if I was having one... though the lemon chicken sounds yummy and doesn't look too bad, my heart would probably aim for the smoky chicken lasagne or some such item.

  2. I have never seen an Italian restaurant menu with so many healthish options! Enjoy.

  3. Hi Roxie!

    My favorite way to tone down the calories on a plate is to replace a side of potato or rice or noodle with a veggie instead. Restaurants are so accomodating now.

  4. There are great options in that menu. the asparagus appetizer, a cup of Minestrone and a salad with the Red wine Vinaigrette sounds pretty safe. Thata might even leave a little room for a dessert!

  5. I don't eat Italian very much. I go for Indian most times when I eat outside of pizza/breakfast-for-dinner places LOL!

    I love ravioli. I tend to skip the bread if I want to enjoy the pasta,and most times take half home, or split an entree with John.

  6. I'd like the bruschetta with a house salad, please. I'd also be happy to share carrot cake 3 ways. :)

    It used to be so easy to overdo at Italian restaurants, but most of them have started offering healthier options. Bunch of traitors, if you ask me.

  7. I'm guessing the double chocolate cake is out? Leave it to me to blow past the entire menu straight to the desserts (and I'm not even eating there!)
    Actually I like the sound of the asparagus in the apps section and maybe one of the salads? I know it sounds totally boring but Italian is SO iffy. You'll do fine whatever you order. Have a great time!


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