Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Test of Will

When I go home to the PNW, I eat for reasons of nostalgia. I like to go to the same old places and order the same old things. I seek out candy bars that were the favorite of my youth, such as these two favorites pictured here.

They aren't especially good candybars, but they aren't even available where I live now, so I am always on the lookout. I found them this time in the far eastern corner of my county and I bought me and FOOs some. I already told the FOOs that I brought them back, so that will keep me honest until Friday, when we will go to one of the last drive-in movie theaters still in business. I'm afraid of what would have happened had I not told them to expect them :-) Let us hope that these packages of chocolate nostalgia stay firmly in the freezer until movie time.

And in other news, I put in an offer on Grandma's Condo this afternoon. I am strangely at peace about it. Let the negotiations begin! If it works, great. If not, then there are other things out there for me. I love the location on this place, but it is way overpriced, I think. So we'll see if there is a way to get it purchased and re-invigorated and still make it a wise investment. Yet another real estate trick - taking pictures in bad light (on purpose)! This picture makes the bathroom appear in shades of neutral. What it is in all actuality is mauve and blue and silver foil wallpaper! Pebbles came over to see it this afternoon and pronounced it as having "good bones". We'll see how much of this I can stomach. Seriously, I think I will garner experience, even if this one doesn't work out.

Food and exercise were great until Pebbles and I decided to celebrate and our first restaurant choice was closed. We ended up diving into a pot of chips. The good news is that neither of us ate more than two bites of our dinner, so it was bagged up to be taken home to Slater. I'm sure the salt bounce alone will be scary.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Test your mettle.



  1. and isnt it funny how some people (my husband?) love the negotiations.

    when the sentence read that I got a pit in my stomach and it isnt even my process :)



  2. Que sera, sera applies to real estate transactions too! Your place is out there for sure. If not this one, then another. It's nice to see you anticipating the negotiations instead of dreading them.

  3. Bones are important - layout, room size, etc. Paint & wall paper are relatively inexpensive to change.

    Good luck with the negotiating!

  4. Oh yes, nostalgia eating. There is some connection between food and memories. And something about those special treats that we can't find now. Like me and Devil Dogs:)

  5. I like how you've put it out there with the candy - talk about accountability!

    Good luck with the negotiations. I'm glad you don't seem too attached to Grandma's condo - it will be much easier to stick to your bottom line.

  6. I can't believe there are candy bars so regional I haven't EVER heard of them! Who'd'a thunk it? Good luck with the haggling and posturing - I know you know if it's meant to be, it'll be.

  7. Your candy bars are unheard of in my part of the country, but I know what you mean about nostalgia and food. I have been looking for "Cherry Dairy Maid" candy bars for 30 years. Good thing I can't find them anymore!

    Good luck with the condo. I hope it works for you, but if it doesn't, you seem to have a very wise attitude about this, as well as many other things in life. Take care...

  8. You are not going to believe this. About four days ago I was talking to someone about candy bars. I told them my dad's favorite candy bar when I was a kid living in Alaska was the Idaho Spud. So of course, it was my favorite too.

    Whenever we'd go to the little country store about 20 miles from my house, my dad would buy three Idaho Spuds, one for him, one for my mom and of course, one for me.

    I loved them! So when I was talking to my friend I told her I hadn't seen these candy bars in the stores for years and I didn't even know if they still made them. I explained the wrapper, and the candy bar, she said she'd never heard of them.

    How odd that you mentioned them and that they're nostalgic for you too. Made me smile.

    Btw - I loved meeting you in person. You are exactly as you are on your blog and it's like Grace said, I felt like I'd known you for years. It was very fun. :)

  9. Just catching up after not reading blogs the last few days. It was so good meeting you...Welcome home, glad you got back okay.

    I agree about the Idaho Spud not being a very good candy bar. Kind of tasteless, and not worth wasting the calories on. The other one, Cup o Gold, I've never had so I guess, based on your critique, I'll pass.

    Good luck with the real estate maze. It's definitely a long, confusing process.


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