Thursday, March 3, 2011

That's Life In The Big City

My Pebbles got one of her feelings hurt as the seller didn't respond to their offer. To quote her "I'm over it". I know the feeling. Welcome to the Real Estate Roller Coaster, Sweet Tart! I don't know what today will bring for she and Slater, as that was yesterday. They will find their own way, as I hope I find mine and gain some confidence in this process.

I'm going to look at houses/condos today myself. I'm still liking my real estate agent. Bick is putting his place on the market, as well. His agent will be coming out to talk to him about marketing his place next week. We will all be up to our ears in real estate roller coasters pretty soon.

It is my hope that I can stay grounded and focused, patient and less fearful this time around. My perfect place is out there. It will make it's way to me, somehow, someway. I mean really, hasn't everything worked out perfectly so far? Seriously, I wouldn't have missed a thing. Everything that has gone before came with a lesson that was important for me to learn. I feel like I'm the heart of those lectures right now - just to be patient, not add to the drama, one day at a time.

Food was spot on yesterday. I rode the bus to work and walked to the grocery store last night, in addition to some gym work at lunch. Today is all booked up - lunch with my sister, home tours and a meeting. I won't be home until after 7. In order to stay with my March goals, I will have to exercise when I get home. That will be tough - but necessary! I will, however, be getting a lot of walking in today.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Every roller coaster is not worth riding.



  1. I like the name Sweet Tart!
    And I like that you said things can be rough, but necessary. Reckon I needed to hear that.

  2. I don't envy you all being in the housing market. The prices today are kind of scary. Hard to believe we've been in the same house a little over 10 years. I hope you all find the home of your dreams. Would you and Bick be looking for a house together??hmmm? hmmmm? deb

  3. I love that you're recognizing that you wouldn't choose to miss a thing even before you're not even through it all.

  4. As I like to say, "it takes as long as it needs to take." :-)

    Love the photo!

  5. How wild will it be with the three of youse going through the wonders of real estate at the same time?!? At least you'll always have a dinnertime topic. :)

  6. "Every roller coaster is not worth riding." I LOVE THAT and I will remember it.

  7. Ditto on the photo. Sorry to hear about the house :(
    As always, admire your outlook on life.

  8. Great attitude! I don't know whether you'll find your house or it will find you, but I do believe it will happen! Or be replaced with something equally wonderful.

    Beautiful photo, btw!

  9. I just love that picture of you and your daughter. She looks so happy and your look to her shows how much you love her and admire her. You're a very proud mother in this photo, it just shows. Plus you're both drop dead gorgeous!

    Yes, I will see you on the 15th or 16th or any other day. You name it and I'll be there. No problem at all. Interfering with my workout schedule...hahahahahaha! At this point it doesn't much matter. That Big Climb is going to be torture, no way around it. :)


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