Wednesday, March 2, 2011

There's Proud And Then There's House Proud

Yesterday was a red-letter day in Pebbles’ life. She got a stellar, and I do mean stellar, raise. Far exceeded even her expectations. Between she and Slater, they’ve seriously increased their income in the past two months - don’t know if I mentioned he just scored a promotion/raise.

I also don’t know if I’ve mentioned that they, too ,have been househunting and yesterday, put in an offer on a house. It is a beautiful, amazing home - judging from the pictures, but it sends me into near-apoplectic shock. She’s come a long way from Reata South. I don’t know that they will get this house - it appears to be a pretty hot commodity right now, but just thinking about it sends ME into fear. I mean it’s not a McMansion or anything, but I’m just not used to the housing market over there in Big D.

And then I realized a couple of things - they are professionally employed - and there are TWO of them. They can, if they choose to do so, afford a lot of house. And to be sure, this is a lot of house (IMHO), but it isn’t nearly at the top of the range they “qualified” for. So I just need to breathe and enjoy the moment and know that I couldn’t stop her, even if I wanted to. If she’s determined to have that house, then Katie bar the door!

I’m also scheduled to look at another house on Thursday, along with a couple of condos. I’m still so unsure about going the condo route. I’m not even convinced about the whole buy-versus-rent thing and I’m certainly unsure about real estate as an investment. I guess my main goal would be to “lock in” my housing costs. I’m seeing now by renting that my “costs” would go up each year. Granted, there would be taxes, etc, but at some point (at least so far) some taxes are by-in-large capped when one reaches age 65 around here (I think).

Certainly a lot to think about. I could buy a one bedroom condo right now in a location that I like for not much money, knowing that I would probably have some difficulty selling it in the future. But in the meantime, I would have gained the flexibility to save/invest the money that I’m NOT spending on housing - as the one bedroom certainly would not be viewed as an investment vehicle.

As for the Italian dinner, we split the asparagus appetizer and I had the heart of palm salad. I should have asked for the salad dressing on the side as it was dressed a little too heavily for my taste, but it was good. Again, I used the decaf coffee ordered immediately upon being seated to counter act the bread basket. I feel like I was able to stay well on plan. I ate whole, real identifiable food, but because it was restaurant food, I did expect a sodium bounce, but it didn't happen.

I rode the bus yesterday and went to the gym at lunch. Experienced great excitement over my daughter's news and enjoyed a lovely dinner with an old friend, Barbie. All wonderful, wonderful things. Life is good.

March Goal: Exercise and Tracking? Check.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Allow yourself to feel joy, completely.



  1. Glad to see that you enjoyed your meal. That asparagus appetizer sounded pretty amazing.
    I know everyone keeps saying it's a buyer's market out there, but it truly is. My husband is still trying to sell his mother's home (she passed away last July) and just lowered the price by $9000. Beautiful home, and hopefully now some young couple will be able to afford it - a steal at that price, believe me.
    I do love house hunting, but know that the excitement wears off after a while and you just want to be done and move in, already. Hope you find yours soon!

  2. House hunting & buying are a perfect example of joy and pain all wrapped into the same package, aren't they?

    Your place will be found, I'm sure of it. Can't wait to see YOUR photos.

  3. Happy house hunting!! It can be stressful and a lot of fun at the same time.

    Mmmm....asparagus appetizer sounds fantastic.

  4. That's super exciting about your daughter's bid to buy her first home! Looks very cute.

    It is tough to know what to do in terms of buying real estate right now. I suppose a one bedroom condo would always make a good rental in the future, no?

  5. I get all worried when my kids tell me of their plans sometimes too. I don't have a good poker face and I usually have to tell them how I feel. They listen, then do what they want to anyway. They usually prove me wrong. So far they have made darn good decisions. Better then me when I was their age, but I didn't set the bar very

    Good luck with the house situation. Looking isn't buying. Feel out all your options. You'll never know unless you move forward.

  6. What a proud mama you are - and rightly so. How fun to see your adult child be so successful!

    Good luck with your own house/condo hunt - I hope you find something uniquely you.


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