Friday, March 11, 2011

Welcome To Bedrock

May I present the soon-to-be new home of Pebbles and Slater. Their offer was accepted yesterday. Closing May 6th, I believe. There is a lease back deal going on and then move in over Memorial Day. Of course, all of this is contingent upon, well, the usual contingencies. The inspection is today and Pebbles is using an inspector she knows through her professional contacts, rather than an unknown. Don't know if I mentioned that her realtor is someone she went to high school with. She and Slater were in need of representation and were going to open houses and walked into one that he was holding. Three weeks later, they have a house. So the dominoes are certainly falling down for them.

They drove me past this house the other night when I was in Dallas. It is a lovely, lovely home in a really charming neighborhood. My Miss Pebbles has come a long way from the trailer park in Johnson County. I am very happy and proud of them. It is a beautiful, just-right-sized home. And it has a raised-bed vegetable garden that is separate from the back yard, in case I need to do any gardening.

Their purchase has also enlightened some other dark corners of my mind where some other strange beliefs lurk. It is okay to buy nice things. I do not have to feel guilty about wanting or being able to buy nice things. While I won't say "I deserve", as I truly hope I don't get what I deserve, I have earned the right. I've done the things, did the ground work, paid my dues. It is okay for me to have nice things.

Pebbles' purchase will send my Mom into a tailspin. While she loves Pebbles, she doesn't like her very much and is constantly playing the comparison game between Pebbles and my sister. When this house purchase becomes public knowledge, I can just hear it - it won't be how happy or excited she is for Pebbles, her reaction will be "Poor MySister'sName, she never gets anything nice. I guess people like us aren't meant to have nice things. I'm happy that Pebbles got the opportunity to go to college and has these fine things. Poor MySister'sName just has to work all the time." So anyone with a Freud-in-a-Box Home Diagnostic Couch can see where I've picked up the "undeserving" attitude. I am so grateful that Pebbles is mostly immune to such emotional blackmail. It is also unfortunate that she doesn't have much of a relationship with the rest of the women with whom she shares DNA, but her tolerance for this kind of bullshit is pretty low. She's not without foibles, but she dodged the worst of it - or was shielded, in actuality. You can't be this close to the crazy and not get some of it on you.

Food and exercise continue to be crap. I seem to be having trouble doing the next right thing. I'm hoping a change of scenery will help. Upon my return from Seattle, I will get to move back to my office, as our remodel is supposed to be done. At least that will get me back to bringing in my own food, rather than purchasing. That will certainly be a step in the right direction. And with DST, I should be able to start riding in the afternoons some. Here's hoping.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. We all deserve good things.



  1. I love the house. What curb appeal! I too have the "I don't deserve nice things" syndrome. I was fortunate enough to have parents that never reinforced that thinking. I was always told I could have anything I wanted.

    I know what you mean about standing too close to crazy. You will most certainly get a little on you. Kudos to Pebbles for not putting up with the B.S.

    Have a great Seatle trip. Hope you find time to post.

  2. Sometime around 3 or 4 years ago it clicked with me that it was OK to have nice things. I stopped by crap clothes and shoes (for the most part), started paying a little more for undergarments, saved $$ so I could have the high end cookwear, etc. Now I feel I don't deserve anything LESS.

    So happy for your kids and from the outside the house looks adorable. I love me a nice patio and that one looks like it's waiting for a party!

  3. That's a sharp looking house the kids have picked out. The outside looks great, leads one to believe the inside is just a nice.

    If you've paid the tuition, gone to classes, done the work and earned the degree you thoroughly deserve all that comes with putting that kind of effort.

    Good job, decent pay, safe, solid housing, interesting vacations - all earned because of good decisions made years ago. None of that was given to you or Pebbles - you've both done what it takes to enjoy 'nice things' guilt free.

  4. How'd that happen? I didn't even type in the verification word? Hmmph.


    That was me up there

  5. What a cute house!! And kudos to you for shielding Pebbles from that BS!

    I have a theory: when we spend a little more for something nicer, we appreciate it more, AND, more importantly, it lasts longer and supports those companies, artisans, etc. who aren't just in it to make a quick buck. When we buy cheap crap, it breaks faster, we need to buy another one and it just perpetuates our throw-away society. It also supports those companies who hire cheap off-shore labor...

  6. It's Beautiful.

    Seriously? I give you the credit for shielding Pebbles from the mental garbage...and now for shielding yourself.

    I'm so happy for them!

  7. The house is adorable - congratulations to Pebbles and Slater! Glad they bought it...and equally glad Peb doesn't let things her grandma says bring her down.

  8. Great for Pebbles.

    BTW,Peb's purchase isn't sending your mom into a tailspin. You mom is the owner of her response - tailspin or otherwise. Pebbles doesn't have any ownership of your mom's response and neither do you. Of course, you already know this, but sometimes it's good to hear it from an external source.

    Cheers to the new homeowners.

  9. Very cute house! Tell them congrats.

  10. It's an absolutely charming house! I hope they'll be very happy in it!

    Fwiw, my exercise has been pitiful the past week or so, and I leave for a vacation next week. Aargh!

  11. Such a lovely house! Something like buying your first home should be celebrated. They worked hard (she learned that somewhere, Mom)and it's good to see they are able to stimulate the economy.

    You can't control your family's response, and it doesn't sound as though explaining will help. Just grit your teeth, smile, and thank your lucky stars that you saw through this BS and protected your little girl. Good job, Mama Bear!

  12. Great house! It's ok to have some nice things, because you have worked hard and deserve it!


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