Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Attending a home inspection was like trying to take a drink out of a fire hose. There was a lot of information being put out there and after a while, I was just overwhelmed. None of the news was particularly bad - well, except that my car will not fit into the garage. MalibuKen is not a huge car. He would not have to buy two seats to fly, but he is about three inches too tall (long) for the garage. Sadly, sadly disappointed on that one. The other news wasn't bad, although there are a few things I will negotiate (or try) on. Seriously, both inspectors were very impressed by the condition of this house.

And Pebbles, well, she was amazing. She took measurements, sketched out a quick floor plan and began to make notes on this plan of what the inspector was saying. She figured out a spot for the dishwasher (which I've already decided against, for now) and basically served as interpreter and cataloger as the information came from the inspector. It took almost four hours and I was nearly exhausted by the time it was over. I got a call last night from Pebbles that she had CAD'd the whole thing up and she would have it to me today.

So now I talk to my real estate agent for some advice on how to proceed - not that I feel she will offer much - again, I'm not too impressed with her. But I just need to get this deal done.

So after all of this, Pebbles and I went out for a celebratory dinner - she is flat-out in love with MM. Says she likes even more than her house. The quality of this house really is amazing. I just hope I can keep up. And I do want to meet the seller - she left the nicest note, along with all her files pertaining to the health and welfare of the house. Certainly helped with inspection and gave me a much better feel for what was going on "under the hood".

So after dinner, Pebbles and I talked some more, she went home and I went to a meeting. Came home and went to bed. I'd been asleep for about two and a half hours when the fire alarm started blaring. I was sleeping so soundly that it took me a while to awaken enough to remember where I was and find my street clothes to put on. I ended up going out into the parking garage and sitting in MalibuKen for what felt like ever. At one a.m., there isn't really any place to go. I was so tired that I was afraid I would actually fall asleep in the car, but of course, I had trouble falling back asleep after we got the all clear.

It's rather ironic, since when asked how I am feeling about the house, etc, I always say that I guess I must be doing something right, as I am still sleeping peacefully through the night. Last night, I sure didn't but it wasn't worry that kept me awake. My behind is dragging today.

I'm attending a group lunch with a former co-worker today, but tonight should be free. I am planning on getting in some biking tonight. This week has been pretty light on exercise. Thursday I am taking my Mom and Sister out for Sis' birthday, then I've another restaurant meal planned after the ATV tour on Saturday. I am hopeful that Sunday will bring a long bike ride.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Don't be overly alarmed.



  1. I don't know Roxie i get the feeling you should be more excited about the house than you seem to be.
    And where you talked about the realator and you said you just need to get the deal done.......I don't know i get these stupid little red flags that pop up in my brain and i had a few flying when i read your post....Seems like eveyone loves this house but you...Hugs! deb

  2. Sounds like a great house! I'm still in love with that garden in the yard. Now I want to do the same in my yard.

    So what was up with the fire alarm? No fire? How rude of it to wake you up like that.

  3. How nice of the homeowner to leave that note and all her files - my parents did that. Me? I was lucky to find anything to leave for the new owners of my last house!

  4. This is so exciting! You're buying a house, a real house. I saw the pictures the other day but didn't have time to comment. It looks exactly like the house I would imagine for you. It looks adorable and cute and full of personality. Just like's a perfect fit!

  5. You found a house?? Yay!! I need to do some back-reading, obviously. Hope things go smooth as silk, Roxie.


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