Sunday, April 10, 2011

Better Homes and Gardens

Living room facing front door

Other side of living room

Dining room - what you don't see are the glass doors overlooking the back garden

The tiniest kitchen known to man. Here in the health and fitness community we judge things on how we fit into our clothes. My new measurement will be how I fit into my kitchen!

The only thing was a mis-step for me is the color of the bedroom.

The bathroom of a woman who obviously doesn't wear makeup! Yep, those are original turquoise hex tiles on the floor. Most of the other tile has been replaced with white subway tile, except for a few tasteful original elements in peach and turquoise.

Had a great bike ride yesterday with Talia. I don't know that it was much of a workout, but it was wonderful and pleasant. I've already been out on a quick run this morning. I needed to scope out a safe route to the trails from Menopause Manor (yes, it's under contract) and I think I found one. But ohmygoodness, there are topographical variations! I won't call them hills, but from Chez Nouveau Roxie to the trails is a coasting job. From the river back up to MM is an up-terrain workout! But the good news is that I can route myself through the public botanical gardens - just how cool is that! Or else I can just hitch up Cha-Cha to MalibuKen. If I am planning a ride in the morning and I do all the hookup the night before, that will reduce the barriers of entry for a morning ride.

I'm heading off to get cleaned up and then to church/meditation. I've got some errands to run and then nothing much else on tap for the rest of the day.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Find your path.



  1. Woo-hoo, congratulations, the new place is very cute!

  2. The manor is so refreshing - light and airy! So cool - can't wait to see it with your touches!

  3. too cute ,what about the back yard? is there a place for coffee or dessert on a verandah?

  4. Looks charming! Great light and appears cozy. I'm so happy for you Roxie. I also look forward to seeing your unique decorating style.

  5. Yessssss! Congratulations, Roxie,it's marvelous. Color? Never a problem. Paint is cheap and easy to do.

  6. Definitely has charm.
    And with a kitchen like that, everything you need is at your fingertips -- no walking around! Plus, less to clean ;)

  7. This looks wonderful. I've got a tiny kitchen and still manage to serve dinners and parties. Enjoy!

  8. one word... darling!
    And not menopausal at all!!!

  9. Congrats!! Paint colors are a non-issue. As long as the bones of the house are good, you can adjust the cosmetics.

    A little topographical biking will be good for you. Those slopes will disappear in no time.


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