Friday, April 15, 2011

Funky Finds: The Fantasy Friday Edition

No news on the request for repairs, but it's still a bit early. I did, however, give my 60 days notice to The Closet management. I fully expect this deal to go through, but if it doesn't, well, I'll put stuff in storage and make some temporary arrangements.

I've been amusing myself by doing some online catalog window shopping for some new pieces for MM. Pebbles created a CAD floor plan that I'd like to post, but I'm unable to figure out how to post or link to a pdf file. Ah, the life of the technologically-challenged.

I thought I'd throw out a challenge - give me your best "alternative" headboard to go in the lilac room pictured above. I'm not going to do any room painting the first year. I'll live with lilac and see how I feel about it. The issue is that my designer has forbidden me from bringing my current bedroom furniture into this space. She says it's too dark, too large and all wrong for MM. Actually, it's her bedroom furniture (long story) and she's moving into a house that has room for it. So that brings me to today's Friday Funky Find - what would you do for a headboard? Send me pictures and links. I'm also going to need bedside table(s?) and a chest of drawers or dresser. Poke around the internets and help me decorate. I can get pretty Martha if I need to. I have power tools and I sorta know how to use them.

ETA: Thanks, Grace. Here's the floor plan for The Manor.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Repurpose.



  1. For me, I'd go with white - sort of like the "cottage" look. What about re-purposing an old paneled door (painted white) into a headboard? Do you have a Crate and Barrel in your area? I think I've seen that cottage look in their catalogs...or it could have been Pottery Barn. Shows how much attention I pay when I don't have any projects of my own, lol!

  2. I'm getting so excited for you, Roxie. However, I hate lilac, and couldn't live with that color. So I don't have any advice for you on that! :-)

    There is a website called scribd where you can turn your pdfs into a "link." It's free, and pretty intuitive. I've only done it once, but it was really easy. When you are on the site, it talks about "purchases" but the one pdf I turned into a link was free. It might be if you use the service alot, they charge you, but not for one or two. Check it out.

  3. We had a lilac room also when we bought our house. Stayed that way for a couple of years, maybe because it was the guestroom. I put a bed in there with no headboard but the owner before me had it decorated with white wicker. A white wicker side table with a glass top, a trunk at the end of the bed and a rocking chair. Have fun finding what suits you!

  4. Roxie, have you checked out the Young House Love blog? They did a DIY headboard a while back, plus other good stuff:


    The white looks great on Lilac, and they are completely removable without a mark!


  6. Okay, our bedroom is nearly that color. Of course, it goes smashingly with our butter yellow kitchen, Tiffany blue guest bedroom and green dining room. Somehow vivid color makes sense here. Must be something about all the bright sunlight.

    Honestly, paint is cheap and bedrooms are easy to paint. You've got some cut in work with those windows, but you'll be done with painting it in a day.

    This is your home, your haven. Don't live with a bedroom color you dislike. For 50 bucks and a few hours of work, you can make that room yours.

  7. White shutters/louvered closet doors would look pretty with that color. Something like these:


    Wow, I immediately thought white shutters or something and others thought the same thing. Have fun decorating! Kim

  9. my last comment disappeard.. prolly too lengthy!! I'll condense my long windedness!!

    CRAIGSLIST......!!!!! Great deals to be found there, especially for pieces you're willing to get all Martha on. I've had good sucess with both selling and purchasing. You have to be willing to keep trying, and have good timing for popular pieces, but if you find something nobody else is clammoring for, usually the seller is quite reasonable.

    Here is a link to a headboard I "made." I got it at a goodwill (in dallas) then got thick foam from Joann fabrics and also a white shower curtain from ross. I sticky-glued the foam down, wrapped the curatin around it, and staple gunn'd on the back... voila!!

    If I come up with other ideas, I'll let you know!!

  10. I got all my workout equipment on craigslist....
    some poor yuppy in uptown sure did miss out !!


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