Friday, April 22, 2011

A Good Friday

I am up early on my day off - getting ready to go to the gym and then prepare for what I hope comes true - Pebbles and I are off to visit architectural salvage places! Woo Hoo! Could that possibly be any funner? I am so excited. We planned to hit a few of them last Sunday, but they were closed - and they may be closed for the holiday, but if she doesn't need to work, then we are on. I've got my fingers crossed - I'd lay odds at about 50/50.

Unfortunately, she is not an early riser like her mother (ah, youth is wasted on the young) and so it will be several hours before I know if our plan is actually a go. If not, I have other things on tap. I actually could stand a couple of hours in the office undisturbed. The seminar that I'm organizing goes off next week, plus I'm giving an assist to a retirement party at the office on Monday, which will knock out my ability to do actual work on Monday.

If I don't spend the day with Pebbles, I will probably hit the one salvage place here just to look around. And perhaps a little bike ride. Talia and I have a 30 miler on tap for tomorrow. She is a machine! Looks like the weather has given the fires a bit of dampening, so it will be possible to head out - unless things change. Ash was falling from the sky a couple of days ago in our designated ride area.

I haven't made any plans for Sunday, other than meditation practice.

I plan to do a little more packing over the weekend. Just a few boxes here and there. And I need to start thinking about what I'm taking to Florida in a couple of weeks. I'll need to have a plan in place for relaxation (how stupid is that!) or that week will drive me crazy. I need to do a little advance planning, I think. Books and journals and walks on the beach - I may have to rethink this whole thing. I was trying to save $$ and use my miles to make the trip - which means that I have to stay a whole week. I think that I should probably just pay for the return trip and come home on Thursday, rather than Saturday. Something to ponder. I do feel bad, however, for leaving the condo unused for the remainder of the week. I'll talk to my friend this weekend and see how she feels about that.

Time for the gym and to see what's on HGTV at this hour of the morning. There are so many good diy/designer/decorator blogs that they make HGTV look old and staid.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Have a Good Friday.



  1. No matter what it brings, I hope your long weekend is joyful!

  2. Hi Roxie -
    Here's to a great weekend!
    And everything it brings!

  3. It sounds like you have a great weekend in the works! Wish I were there. It's still winter in Minnesota.

  4. Have a lovely weekend. I'm with you on the early rising - best time of day is morning. For me it's a long steady decline after 2 pm!

    Hey - where in Florida? Please tell me it's the gulf coast - or as I say, the west coast is the best coast! I grew up there and have fondness for the area I didn't recognize until I was about 40! Enjoy, relax. And wow - your weight is looking sweet!

  5. I can NOT get enough of Sarah Richardson, the Canadian Designer (Design Inc., and Sarah's House) She is actually a little too "soft and pale" for my taste, but I just love watching her pull it all together with such CONFIDENCE. Oh, and her weasily little sidekick, Tommy is quite snarky, so I adore them together!! Not sure when it's on in your neck of the woods, but you might look for it.

  6. I love, love salvage places. None where I live but in Chicago - oh, my! I hope you found something wonderful.


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