Friday, April 1, 2011

I Am Awesome

* This is a series of posts I'm calling my Attagirl Portfolio. Using this poster (available @ as my inspiration, I am creating a series of life-enriching (not empowering, heh!) posts. These are to be hauled out and re-read in case of emergency when the only other option appears to be the liberal application of apple fritters directly to my ass.

I am awesome. Well, now that's uncomfortable. Awesome causes me some difficulty. But here goes (and you should, too). I am awesome. I am a skirtful of sass, compassion and tenacity.

And speaking of awesome. It's Pebbles' birthday today. I cannot believe she's twentyeight. Hardly seems possible. She's having a bit of a freak out over it - somehow thinks she's not quite as accomplished as she should be for thirty. Yes, thirty, she's an overachiever! She's already rounding up. She is such an inspiration and in my darkest days, she's what kept me going. Parenting her has led to my deepest regrets and to my greatest joys. I haven't always been the best parent to her and I would love to be able to do a large portion of the early years all over again. I'd do so many things differently. I have acknowledged my failures and shortcomings to her and continue to try to be the best person that I can be. But I could not be more proud of her - and not for her accomplishments, though they are many, but for the great person that she is. Smart, dedicated, with a good sense of boundaries, boatloads of common sense and so funny, so witty. I love her and I like her a whole damn lot, too.

One of my favorite pictures of her: skirt-tail in hand, hauling ass backwards!

Back to yesterday - what a mess! I got up at the buttcrack of dawn, sat down with my first cup of coffee and then remembered I was supposed to fast for my bloodwork at 10:45. I wrote about just going back to bed. So that's exactly what I did. No need to suffer needlessly, right?

So I get up and start getting ready for work. Hop out of the shower and start to dry my hair. Blow dryer self-destructs. Well, crap. I don't have a back up and the local stores don't open up yet. The only other heated thing I had was a flat iron and I knew I couldn't/wouldn't/shouldn't attempt to dry my hair using a flat iron. So the Laura Ingalls Wilder method was for me. I air-dryed and then tried to tame down the SOS pad into a Roxie-approved style. More like the wild woman of Borneo.

We have a saying in group about HALT - Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired and I was three out of the four - but was worst was decaffeinated. I was really unfit for human interaction, so I just decided to putter around home until appointment time. So I did that. I get to my appointment and the check in staff said "Oh, we haven't been busy at ALL today. Sure wish you would have come in sooner!" Well, you know what, if I'd known I could have, I surely would have. Grrr.

But the rest of the day was uneventful. I didn't take a lunch break, since I didn't get into the office until nearly noon. So no exercise yesterday, but food was good, even though it was sort of off schedule for the day. I went to a meeting and then came home and settled in for a little streaming Netflix - Thanks, Ellen, for the IT Crowd suggestion. Right up my alley. Loved it.

So today I will spend watching the clock and waiting for quitting time. And then it will be just me, my sister and that badass from Indiana tonight. Woo Hoo! This is actually her birthday present from me, as she turns 36 in a couple of weeks. Pebbles b-day celebration comes on Sunday.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Be Awesome.



  1. What a lovely tribute to your Pebbles. As I read through that paragraph I kept wondering if all moms wish they could have a do over as I could have written that very paragraph myself substituting Little Helen wherever it said Pebbles.

    I'm right there with you clock watching - the weekend can't come fast enough. Hope yours is wonderful Roxie!

  2. Your love and admiration of Pebbles are evident every time you write about her. It's awesome how well you two get along. Are you really old enough to have a twentyeight year old? Wouldn't have thought so. ;o)

  3. I think you are totally AWESOME. Have a great weekend!

  4. This is an awesome project/idea. I'm designing my own poster! My daughter turns 29 this year. Best thing that ever happened to me. Thanks for your enjoyable and smart writing style.

  5. You are awesome. We've known it all along.

    My daughter turned 27 in Feb - they're close in age. I love your tribute to her and nodded in identification over a lot of it. My kids have blessed my life more than I could have asked for, much less expected. Love that you love AND like her:) I get that.

    Have a great weekend - one more hour til I haul ass out of this parking lot!

  6. I love reading how much my blogger friends appreciate their children - really makes things right in this world.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. So sweet how you speak of Pebbles, the love comes shining through.

    BTW, wanted to let you know I mentioned you/your site today When it resonates, figure out why...

  8. You ARE awesome...and I love what you wrote about your daughter...I think my mother would say similar things to her friends about me, but she can't seem to say them to me, or show me.

    And OMG...the wild woman of Borneo!! I have never heard anyone else use that expression!! There's an old photo of my GREAT grandmother taken just after she'd had my grandmother and her hair was all crazy and on the back, someone had written, "the wild woman of Borneo"! Too funny!


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