Friday, April 8, 2011

I Am Confident

* This is a series of posts I'm calling my Attagirl Portfolio. Using this poster (available @ as my inspiration, I am creating a series of life-enriching (not empowering, heh!) posts. These are to be hauled out and re-read in case of emergency when the only other option appears to be the liberal application of apple fritters directly to my ass.

I am Confident. Certainly getting more so, but with some work to go. For me, I would define confidence as the feeling that I can and will handle anything that comes my way. It's the basic premise that I am safe. For me, maybe the best definition is the absence of abject panic and for me, that's a victory right there. The kicker here is, I always used to be very confident about what other people should do. Now, the more I let go and let other people manage their own stuff, the more confident I get about my own. Strange how that works!

Well, real estate was a roller coaster yesterday. And I will admit to getting my ticket punched a time or two. This time, by my daughter. I saw five houses yesterday. The Enchanted Garden house was exactly that - an enchanting, amazing garden. Very little lawn and all flowers. Obviously an amazing gardener lived there. It was beautiful. And the house was small, but exquisite. Perfect conditioned and perfectly maintained. It was at the higher end of my price point and the location wasn't optimal re: access to trails. And I was just fine with walking away from it. And then I got the real estate updates last night and they dropped the price 20K. And Pebbles was like - "Buy this house" - and so I shot off an email to my realtor.

And then I went to bed. I woke straight up and remembered that I hadn't seen a dishwasher in the tiny and I do mean tiny kitchen. And I am spoiled and lazy enough that I want a dishwasher, even for me. I hate washing dishes with a white hot passion. And while I could probably install a compact dw in the space, it just isn't ME. There was only one room in that house that felt comfortable and it was a study/second bedroom. My gut it telling me this is not the house for me. So I'll need to eat some crow with the realtor and the kid and tell them nevermind. For reasons that I can't fully even articulate, the house didn't call my name. It should have, but it didn't.

Food was better yesterday and exercise was good. Don't know what I've got on tap for today.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Develop confidence by honoring your "gut".



  1. See, and I do my best thinking while I do dishes. My dishwasher is really just a place to hid the dishes till they dry. If you want one, then by heck you should get one!

    Isn't nice that we have daughters that we like and who's advice we aren't afraid to listen too. 3 cheers for Kids!

    Confident, yes I think that it describes you perfectly. Have a great weekend.

  2. You have confidence for sure.
    A good amount of the "right" kind.

  3. I wonder if you should make a checklist of your "must haves" and take it with you to each viewing - I can imagine that even with seeing only a few houses, you could forget which house had what appliance, etc. Glad you are listening to your gut with this one.


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