Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I Am Curious

* This is a series of posts I'm calling my Attagirl Portfolio. Using this poster (available @ www.allposters.com) as my inspiration, I am creating a series of life-enriching (not empowering, heh!) posts. These are to be hauled out and re-read in case of emergency when the only other option appears to be the liberal application of apple fritters directly to my ass.

I Am Curious. No, not in that Gladys Cravitz way. That is nosy and I don't think I'm that. I am curious about how things are made, why they work the way they do. I am curious about architectural anthropology and our trade agreement with Japan. I'm curious about other countries and cultures. I want to know how stuff works. I adore Freakonomics. I rocked out on doing case studies in grad school. While I am far from scholarly, I do believe I possess a healthy, intellectual curiosity and satisfying that curiosity brings me pleasure. I am considering auditing some classes in a graduate liberal arts program - just to listen to the lectures.

What a day was yesterday. I am glad the day is over and no one got hurt. I should be more specific and say that I am glad I didn't hurt anyone. To start things off, I took an OTC sleep aid on Sunday night - one of the PMS -a single tablet at 8:30pm. I was still an absolute zombie at 11:00am. I was cramming down caffeine and sugary-carbs to try to function and formulate sentences. Oh my. There was a retirement shindig in our office yesterday, ramrodded by another woman in the office, as it was her staffer who was retiring. My coworker is absolutely the best work partner in the world, but she sucks as a party planner. I guess it wasn't her fault but there was some miscommunication between her and another person, so 30 minutes before this fete was supposed to begin, we discovered a serious lack of necessary supplies. We scrambled, and I do mean scrambled and adopted Plan C, but by the time this whole deal was over, I was exhausted and had eaten a week's supply of sugar. Totally feeling it this morning.

I did manage to get back to the vintage store and purchase my chairs. My sister had driven the farm truck to work yesterday and so I got her to swing by there and pick them up. Her smart ass remark? "When they do a remake of Three's Company, I know where they can come for set design". Oh, and "all you need now is a macrame plant hanger". Those are totally coming back in! Seriously - lots of jute and rattan and bamboo stuff is reappearing on design blogs. I got these two chairs for my front porch room. I love them!

I am setting my intention to get some exercise in today.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Be curious.



  1. Your sister sounds hilarious. I will now have the Three's Company theme stuck in my head for hours:)

  2. I have never stopped loving rattan and jute and wicker. Macrame? Not so much. Really enjoying your blog.

  3. You should have said to your sister, "Well once I close on the house.... 'come and knock on my door, I'll be waiting for you' "


  4. My dear mother had those macrame plant hangers.... she kept them so long, they actually became popular again! Roxie - you are a gem!

  5. Yay! Glad the chairs were still there. They were simply meant to be yours and with your style, you'll make them look 'fabulous' as they say in the design world.


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