Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I Fought The Fries

And the fries won. Ah, well. Yesterday was perking along just great. I was living in the land of unicorns and rainbows and fluffy white kittens when the good faith estimate came back from the lender. Threw me right off that unicorn and into a pile of poo! Looks like the rates are creeping up a bit due to some legislative changes that went into effect on April 1, as well as overall market uncertainty. Couple that with the fact that my last quote for was for a ten year mortgage rather than a 15, and I was in for a nasty surprise. Read: I thought I had this all figured out, but I didn't. Grrr. Went out and checked the daily rates, and sure enough this is what the reality looks like today. But it still smacked the glitter right off me.

I'd been working late and realized that in order to get to my meeting, I wouldn't have time to get home and cook beforehand, so the drive-thru it was. And I fought the fries and the fries won. As did the frozen custard (that was not worth it for the calories OR the price) I had on the way home. Okay there, Roxie, this is not the way to deal with your frustrations and a cramped time schedule.

As I remembered much later something I learned in Beck's Diet Solution - hunger is not an emergency. I would not have starved by waiting the one hour until my meeting was over. In fact, waiting until I was less anxious, which I was bound to be AFTER the meeting would have been a wicked smart thing to do. Ah, well. It's done now and not paying too big a price for it - but the thing to remember is that it didn't help. It didn't change the mortgage industry, it didn't drop the origination fee, and it didn't automatically bring in offers from other lenders to compete with this first offer. It did nothing to help what the real issue was/is.

I'm not suffering from guilt or self-loathing this morning, I'm just trying to assess where I failed to make a choice that served me best and what I can change about that in the future. Because fries happen.

Today is inspection day. It's the first time that Pebbles will see inside MM. My hope is that if there are things wrong that they are easily found. And in any event, whatever comes up can be treated as a simple item for negotiation. And we all know how much I love negotiation! Batten down the drive-thrus! ;-)

Health plans for the day include my normal southwestern-style egg-beater omelet. Lunch will be a lean, thin-cut pork chop with some vegetables and dinner will be where ever Pebbles wants me to take her, I assume. Exercise will have to wait until late this evening or not happen at all.

Work is bringing me a good deal of personal satisfaction these days. I am creating/planning/organizing a professional workshop/seminar to be held the latter part of April and the response has been outstanding. I've already had to change facilities once as we outgrew our first one. I'm acting on an idea that I've had kicking around in my head for a couple of years and finally sought and gained approval to host it. I'm sure as it draws near, I will want to kick myself in the head with pointy-toed boots, but for now, I'm loving it.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Fries will not fix it.

ETA: I will be present at the inspection, as well. I hope to learn a few things.



  1. Just because they won yesterday does not mean they have to win today. Good luck - and have fun - with the inspection. I actually followed our inspector through and found it fascinating!

  2. Oh yes!
    Fries do happen!
    Hunger might now be an emergency,
    but we sure think it is!
    I tell myself - "After all,
    I wouldn't want to faint from Low Blood Sugar!"
    The nursing abbreviation for Blood Sugar = BS!

  3. Well that sucks. Yes, I think when glitter gets knocked off your day fries show up to the rescue.

    Hope the inspection goes well and the rest of the day is filled with rainbows and lots of glitter. :)

  4. That's why I keep my car stocked with healthy emergency food... raw almonds, some granola bars I don't really like (can't have something that really rings my bell), dried fruit. Sometimes you really do need a lil something-something, but you're right... those bad choices are rarely worth the price.

  5. I remember reading in Beck that I needed to go hungry to learn it was not going to kill me and no way did I want to try that!

  6. Hope today is better - and yes, the mortgage world is an interesting place to visit. All sorts of terms that quite frankly, I'd just as soon not know.

  7. If the fries won once is it the end of the world as we know it? or are you allowed a misstep? Or is one misstep a bridge to disaster? (just curious).

    Anyway I hope the fries leave you alone. I ate a few of those sweet potato fries and they can lead down the slippery slope too.

  8. I've lost a few of those fries/custard battles, too. If I don't have anything in the car with me, I'll dash into a convenience store (or Walgreen's) and grab some almonds or peanuts. I almost fainted once when I dashed into a corner store and saw a whole basket of bananas! Real food! :)

    Fingers crossed on the inspection!

  9. that was yesterday.
    today is today.

    shall we fight the, uh, cauliflower and have it win?

    regardless you *know* this easily given an ear-worm misfit will be singing your version of the song all.day.long.

  10. You are SO funny. From the pile of poo to the pointy toed boots, I was laughing out loud!

    The thought of you sitting in the parking garage in Malibu Ken in the middle of the night is sort of funny too (sorry, I'm sick that way :).


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