Monday, April 18, 2011

Redneck Family Jubilee

The ATV tour was a BLAST! I expected some mamby-pamby Disneyfied ride and what we got was two hours of what seemed like some pretty interesting terrain. So "interesting" that my arms and shoulders ached this morning from wrestling the machine into submission - but in that really good way. If Slater ever edits it into a manageable form, he got some really good video of our day on the range in Texas. Totally awesome experience. I would go again in a heartbeat. We didn't do the zipline, as I think I may only have one of those in me this lifetime and I'm hoping to get to do that in Costa Rica one day. But we did ride through as others were walking the course - didn't see any actual zippers, however. It was a great day and we had lots and lots of fun. Exceeded my expectations in every way.

Good news on The Manor. The seller has agreed to address the issues that came up during inspection. YAY! So I think all the negotiations are done. All that's left is the paperwork - the mountains of paperwork. So I'll get started on that tomorrow.

On the diet and exercise front - I've been faced with a couple of situations that have led me to make some interesting decisions. I'm pretty good at tracking my food - even when I'm eating "off program". On Saturday, my sister brought us cupcakes that she made. Red velvet with cream cheese icing that is heavenly. Then for lunch, we went to this great place for chicken fried steak. I enjoyed a reasonable portion of all of these things - but given their caloric-density, I'd run out of daily allotment by 3pm. So on Saturday, I made the decision to be done with eating for the day. And you know what? It didn't kill me.

It did, however, seem to make me hungrier all day on Sunday - but it could have been unrelated.

Today I ended up doing pretty much the same thing. Late this afternoon while rifling through my desk looking for a nail file to catch a hang-nail, I ran across one of those damned fund-raiser candybars that I bought last week from a co-worker's kid. I intended to pawn it off on our office intern, but he wasn't in, so I just slung it in the desk drawer and forgot about it - which was a miracle in itself. But today, at nearly 4pm, when I'm at my most vulnerable, I was ambushed by dark chocolate and almonds and I succumbed. And I had a little chat with myself about being done with eating for the day, since I chose to have a 550 calorie candy bar!!!! And I wondered how I would make it. Would I be hungry? (Always considered an emergency) Could I do it? Could I make it until bedtime without eating more?

Luckily for me, I had a couple of meetings to go to and so here it is right now - after 9pm at night. I survived. I didn't get hungry and I managed to stay within a normal calorie range for the day. Now I am not saying that this is going to be my new norm, but I did manage not to turn it into an overeating day - even though I made a crappy choice - I didn't continue to make it worse. I found myself in a hole and I put down the shovel.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone.



  1. Oh, wow. I just love red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting and that's what I chose for my birthday cake. It was from California Pizza Kitchen.

    Glad you had fun on the ATV tour. Would love to see the video.

    And it sounds like the house sale is getting closer and closer. The down side is all the paperwork, but it will all be worth it.

  2. I don't think I could do what you did - that's a long time to stop eating, even if you hit your caloric allotment for the day. You really have a strong will!

    While the ATV tour is not my cup of tea, it sounds like a blast and how wonderful that your family had such a great time together! Regarding the zip line, I bet that once you do it, you'll have more zips in you. ;)

    OK, YAY on the manor proceeding along!!! Life is really moving in a good direction for you! :)

  3. Kelly wants to do the zip lines in East Texas....
    I'm thinking possible Round Up?
    That would be a blast!
    Just a thought.
    If we start now, we have time to organize it -
    To include lots of Texans!

  4. That ATV tour sounds awesome! And ziplining is on my to-do list.

    The dinner-skipping doesn't work so well for me--I'm always overly snacky the next day. If I find myself over the limit before dinner, I'll just choose something lower on the calorie scale to wind up the day. Like tuna. Of course, I'm never in the *mood* for tuna when that happens, but what are you gonna do? :)

  5. Maybe you were hungry on Sunday because you got more of a workout than you expected with the ATV ride? Just a thought.

    Good luck and good thoughts coming your way as you work through the paperwork mountain. It's worth it what with the prize at the end!

  6. Gosh, that sounds like so much fun!! I went to the Beaumont Ranch web site. I'd love to go. I didn't see any prices though. But it may be worth it to go on an adventure like that!
    Glad you had fun and VERY happy that the Manor is working out for you. :)

  7. I really enjoy reading your blog. Who else says mamby-pamby?! I am planning on riding a zip line in the Georgia mountains next month and I'm sure it will be a blast. I went on one in Jamaica and it was the highlight of my vacation.

  8. The ATV thing sounds so fun. I love " put the shovel down". Gotta remember that one.


  9. I get really antsy when I stop eating too early during the day - I have wicked mood swings, get light headed, etc - even if I've hit my calorie limit for the day. When I have a chicken-fried-steak kind of day though, I get very careful about what I eat for the rest of the day and focus on small portions, whole foods, and things that basically give me the protein I need to get through the rest of the day while still feeling a little hungry at bed time. I guess I stop eating for pleasure and just eat enough to keep me sane.

    Sane-ish anyway.

  10. Only you could pull off eating a 500 calorie candy bar and still have a good eating day! I envy you!

    So glad to hear about the deal on the manor is going well. I sort of love the lilac walls with that big green tree thing in the bedroom. I think it's really pretty. I bet the lilac grows on you. :)


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