Saturday, April 16, 2011

Take Me Home, Country Roads

Today is the big ATV ride (again with the Groupon). I bought four tickets six months ago to celebrate my birthday, but we could never get scheduled. So today it is, as part of my sister's birthday, so that works out just right. We'll head down here, about an hour a way, do some muddin' and then go to downtown Grandview for lunch at the local cafe.

The winds here are horrific. It is hazy and you can smell that west Texas is on fire. Actually, it's not just west Texas. There are fires in neighboring counties. Hell, it might be on us from overnight, as I haven't looked at local news today.

The latest house news is positive, I think. According to the email I received from my realtor (after my prompting) was that the seller was upset with the inspection report - not with the report, but that work that she had hired to be done was not done properly. So she was having contractors back out to either fix or give estimates for the work. I felt in my heart that's the way she would react to the broken deck boards on the roof. It was a two year old roof from one of the premier roofing companies in town. They had a 20 point inspection (I saw the report) but nowhere did it talk about inspecting the roof from the attic. So knowing how well this woman maintained this property, I bet there are a few guys back there to correct work she's already paid to have done. I continue to be hopeful that these few things will be corrected. I do have my next step in place in my mind.

And there is a reason I stopped buying livestyle porn. Dwell, Martha Stewart, Country Living, Coastal Living, Southern Living, Wisteria, Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel, Pier One, and a whole bevy of DIY home decorating blogs - I'm looking at you. And you guys are right - painting is on the horizon. I don't like the lilac bedroom and I don't like the coral color in the bathroom. They do not match the other colors in the house in terms of intensity. These room colors are too saturated and are jarring. It's not that the colors are bad, necessarily, they are just the wrong tone. So, when I can get back in there with my designer and her color wheel, I think I will make two, maybe three paint changes.

For the bathroom, while I thought there were coral and turquoise old accent tiles still left in the bathroom, I was mistaken. The rest of the tile is just white. The only original tile is the turquoise hex tile. I think I'll pick a lighter version of that turquoise for almost a tone -one-tone with the white trim pieces. Something a bit more subtle. Nothing that would shout "I'm turquoise", but would still have some color to it. And I'm thinking about going ahead with that same paint in the small bedroom.

The sitting room still has me up in the air. It's white now and could stay that way, but I was thinking about something in the yellow family - again to match the color intensity used in the remainder of the house. I do have a lot of stuff in the Tuscan palette, and this would help tie it in a bit better. This house calls for a cooler, almost Scandinavian scheme, I think. In fact, I'm leaning towards "Swedish cottage". I love the cottage look, but it can get "too shabby" too quickly. The Swedish influence gives it simplicity and some structure, I think. And a more peaceful, serene look as opposed to a romantic one. Am I succeeding at all in articulating my vision?

Well, I've got to hit the gym before the off-roaders converge here at The Closet.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Articulate your vision.



  1. I clicked on your link to Beaumont Ranch. That looks like so much fun!!! Are you going to do the zip lines too? Please take some pictures. :)

    Glad the house news is positive. And I really can't wait to hear about your weekend. That's one Groupon I would have purchased!

  2. I think you articulated your vision perfectly!The Swedish gives it the structure and the cottage softens the tendency towards starkness.Beautiful.

  3. Having no idea what Swedish Cottage style was I looked it up. English, French, Beach, Bungalow...Swedish! I had no idea there were so many variations on "cottage style."

    Good choice. I definitely would lean towards Swedish too, as I don't like a lot of "stuff" or clutter. (I grew up in a house full of knick knacks...which was Mom's style...and it was my job to dust everything on Saturdays...I hated it!)

    Have fun on your ATV adventure!

  4. Swedish cottage - never heard of it, but I can picture it in my mind. Glad you are considering painting sooner - that will make a huge difference for not a ton of money. Sounds like things are progressing nicely. :)

    Hope you have a blast riding those ATV's!

  5. The Swedish cottage seems like a good match for your taste. The Swedish part will give you the uncluttered, unfussy appearance that seems to resonate with you. The cottage look can quickly become Kountry Klutter. That is soooo not you!

    You've got the right plan with the paint. If those colors aren't in harmony with the color intensity of the rest of the house they'll be jarring. Just paint and be done with it. (PS. I believe all good son-in-laws should help paint.)

  6. I've missed your blog. Funny how there are just some that have to be read daily or it feels like something is missing - yours is one of those.
    I have done zero back-reading but from what I gather this house is yours - so happy for you, and how exciting! It's been a long haul and you deserve this. Glad to see that you're well. Hope you enjoyed the mudfest!


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