Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Taking A Breather

Just taking a quick breather between meetings and obligations. I've been in a meeting since 8AM, where the meeting room was ICE cold. The man running the meeting was much higher up the food chain and he was hot, so he had the temp cranked way down - even after asking us. What a, well, special person. I stayed until a bit after 2pm and I was just too cold. I came home and got in a hot, hot tub of water just to warm up. I'm sitting here now wrapped in blankets and my feet are still cold. Miserable! Enough whining.

I'm about to head back out to do some more prep for the big workshop/seminar tomorrow. Plus, I'm getting my haircut tonight. After tomorrow's meeting, I'm going on a house tour - it is a house built in the FLW style. I've heard about the house and I joined the local historical society just to be able to get inside to see it! And after the seminar and the house tour, I think I will just collapse!

Exercise has been non-existent and I think I've been living on pure chocolate. Not a good place to be.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Take a breather.



  1. I read that totally different when you were saying the guy was "HOT". Unfortunately you meant temperature-wise. I just had a big chuckle.

  2. Post a pic of your new 'do' Roxie!! Hugs! deb


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