Saturday, May 28, 2011

Busting Rock At Bedrock

After two days of busting rock at Bedrock (read: cleaning and painting the interior of Pebbles' and Slater's new home), I am taking a break. Actually, I am mid-bike ride, having had to cruise over to the old place to get some air in Cha-Cha's tires! Since I don't have web access at the CSH yet, I pop in here from time to time and grab another handful of stuff to complete the move.

Just let me say that while I adore Bedrock, I am even more grateful for the love and good care that my seller took of CSH. I had to do nothing to move in. Over there, I've done eleventybillion squats at Bedrock rolling the entirety of that house. Up and down, up and down. My quads are screaming! Pebbles and I have a plan - she does all the cutting in and I follow with the roller. Two and sometimes three coats - and that's just the walls. We are all taking somewhat of a painting break today to let them settle in, as there has been moving as well as painting. So they are spending the day today getting stuff arranged, etc. and then on Sunday/Monday we paint the kitchen - including the cabinets. I think she's lost her ever-loving mind on the cabinets, but hey, not my house. And don't get me started on the woodwork. It desperately needs to be stripped and redone, as there are layers of bad DIY paint jobs glomming up the works.

So today, I'm riding my bike and then I will try to figure out two things: 1. How to unload (by myself) the heavy boxes of patio furniture I just bought from World Market and 2. How to put together the patio furniture I just bought from World Market and 2A. Go to the store and buy all the tools I need to put together said furniture.

Then I'll work in the yard some and make a trip to the Blue Box Store and buy my new reel mower. I tried out Slater's and I really like it. I think it, along with an electric weedeater will keep me out of the pull-start business, which long, long, long time readers will remember that I seem constitutionally incapable of operating and will always, always, always, leave me in a puddle of frustrated tears in the middle of the yard. No motor is the way to go for me, I believe.

Then tonight, it's back over to Bedrock for the inaugural run of the new grill, firepit and new patio furniture. This is a semi-trial run, as they (again with the crazy) are hosting 35 guests next weekend. I'll run over for that and serve as scullery wench so to free up Pebbles to mingle.

Administrivia: To answer a comment - For reasons that I don't quite understand, the patio doors can only be referred to as Hobbit doors. There are knobs, but they are so low that I have to almost bend down to open the door. Seller said they were original, and while a PITA, are sort of charming. We'll see how long I can stand that much charming. Although I think my tolerance may be pretty high. I still feel like I'm waking up every morning in a Fredericksburg B&B. I rode through the neighborhood some this morning. It is just so cute. I'll come down off riding Glitter, my unicorn, through the land of rainbows and kittens and white picket fences just as soon as the first things breaks down, but for now, I'm enjoying this.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Get the right tools for the job.



  1. Roxie alot of that patio furniture in boxes comes with the simple tools you need right in the box. Usually they are put together with allen wrenches that come with it. The most you might need is a screwdriver.

  2. Wow, moving into TWO houses sounds just exhausting. So much to do! But it certainly sounds like you are getting your exercise in with all the painting! :-)

    Roxie, you always make me smile with the descriptions and names of your "companions." "Glitter" is my favorite so far.

    I hope Pebbles is feeling better from her sinus infection. g

  3. My vote is to hire a handy man to put that stuff together and supervise while sipping iced tea in a sundress and espadrilles.

  4. I like PJ's idea. Preferably a blond handy man, with green eyes and a nice tan and... um, anyway, that sounds like a fun solution :)

  5. Nah...the furniture will come with instructions. Follow them carefully, take it one step at a time and you'll be just fine!

  6. It's a lot of work, moving and fixing and painting and to see the progress, but I bet you're sleeping well!


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