Sunday, May 29, 2011

The First Cut Is The Deepest

Right now, the backyard looks like I've given it a really bad haircut. I am hopeful that I will get better at using the weedeater. I purchased a reel mower, but I think I'm going to take it back. I got through everything I needed to do with just the new electric weed-eater. So far, so good. Now if I can manage to change out the spools when needed, things will be all good in that department. I do think that I'll look into getting a harness, as it will make this easier, even though it is TONS lighter than a gas-powered outfit.

I also finished putting together the patio furniture. By the end, I was getting pretty darned good at it. I should have started with the chairs rather than the bench, as the chairs were easier to maneuver and the instructions state that this is a two-person job. Well, it was just me and a garden stool for support, but they are done and seem very sturdy. They aren't the stuff of which heirlooms are made, but I am hopeful that they will last for a few years, anyway. Now to the fun part - decorating the front porch room.

I also played "Edward Scissorhands" and trimmed back some stuff. I do think that will be that primary task is keeping things from looking overgrown. My plan is to follow her outline and vision until I develop one of my own.

In another strange happening, I was laying up under the patio bench like it was a Olds Cutlass, tightening up some bolt or another, when I heard someone speak to me. I crawled out from under the bench to see a woman standing on my porch. "Are you the owner?" she asked. "Yes", I said. She said "I used to own this house". So we visited for a bit and I gave her, her new husband and her twenty-something son the grand tour. Turns out, the fabulous condition of the inside of the house is due to her renovations - save the concrete counter tops and new sink. It was wonderful to hear all the stories about the renovations she did - plus, she was blown away by the gardens, etc. I gave them to grand tour, obviously -with mother and son chattering about how this was and that was and how she bought the house without removing the rugs that were on the floor and it turns out that the inspection discovered a big whole in hall floor. When she pointed it out to me, you can see a faint difference in the flooring there, but I hadn't noticed it without her pointing it out. She lives in Houston now, but was in town for a visit and had heard the place was for sale again. Another woman with a post-divorce story. This is obviously a woman's house, for sure.

Valerie is coming over this afternoon and I have a few things to return, so some shopping may be in order. Tomorrow, I'm scheduled to meet Talia at 6:30 am in the neighboring county for a ride on a new trail. Woo hoo! I hope to have some legs under me. I'm pretty sore from all the moving, paint, furniture wrestling and box bull-dogging that's been going on lately. I've been popping Aleve like they was Chiclets! And at some point, I do need to go grocery shopping, although I still haven't unpacked my pots and pans.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Don't reinvent the wheel.



  1. I said that your house looked like a happy place, and I guess the happy memories of past owners prove that's true.
    I'm about to put my house on the market myself (and I hate moving house) so I hope to be lucky enough to find something like that too.
    Congrats on the solo furniture-building too!

  2. There seems a certain "rightness" about this house purchase with this now former , former owner showing up to feel in the information gaps. Makes you wonder who built the house originally? Who's next?

  3. Really cool that your house has so much history and happy former owners. Makes for a good sense of place, definitely.

    Putting together furniture is tedious - congrats on getting it done. May you have many peaceful times on your new patio furniture!

  4. "Popping Aleve like Chiclets"... you crack me up, Roxie. Hope the need for the Aleve settles down soon:) Enjoy your new place.

  5. Wow! Do they still make Chiclets?

  6. How cool that you got to meet the former owner. I'm sure it has added a whole new dimension to your thoughts about this house. You get my admiration and respect for putting furniture together. I'm sure the more you do the better you get but still, it's such a tiresome job.


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