Thursday, May 5, 2011

FOO Fighters

Once more into the breach! No, not really, although my sister, upon hearing that I was taking my Mom into the war zone with the FOOs (family of origin) to attend her sister's 83rd celebration, her response: GO WITH GOD.

I have pretty much stayed out of the family feud. It doesn't involve me and I'm not taking sides. My aunt called me yesterday to invite me personally to this shindig, so I will go and I will take my mother. The good news is that it is at a restaurant, so there is a lesser likelyhood of drama. I have one particular cousin who, not to be taking her inventory, is an untreated something who has been known to bring the DRAMA anytime, anywhere. I've heard it whispered through the family that I may be sporting a bull's eye as I've made myself pretty scarce these days. I'm completely comfortable with my level of contact, so I'm not worried about this. I'm there to pay my respects to my aunt and eat a little BBQ chicken.

And speaking of eating, today has been clean so far. My assistant and I had a pinky-swear ceremony this morning while looking over the assortment of donuts in the office. We swore to each other - in the presence of a chocolate glazed and a blueberry cake donut (our personal favorites, respectively) that today will bring no baked goods across our lips. So far, so good. Plus, I did make it to the gym today. Woo and Hoo! I'll take progress wherever I can find it.

Pebbles and Slater close on their house tomorrow, but don't get their keys for another three weeks. Sellers just had a baby yesterday, I think. My kiddos are coming over to take me to an early Mother's Day dinner on Friday night before we all leave town (in different directions) on Saturday morning.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Eat Clean.



  1. Darn, it's too late for me to eat clean today. Will start fresh tomorrow though.
    I'm concerned about this Foo fight. Sounds like too much foo to me.

  2. FOO Fighters. I love the rock band. Good luck at the BBQ. Will be interested to hear how it goes.

    Congrats to the Happy Couple on their digs. Your next!

  3. BBQ chicken is always a plus!!

  4. Well, I wish I could say that I ate clean today, but that would be a blatant lie. This whole last week and a half with family in town has invoked a sugar induced coma, in fact.
    Good luck with the family get together. Every one has their share of crazy, don't they?

  5. I know all about FOO! Watch out for that invisible bull's eye! Nevertheless, it sounds like you're doing well, in spite of the anticipation of FOO!

  6. Good luck with the FOO. I had to smile at your pinky swearing--good job :)


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