Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Getting Closure


Did the final walk-thru yesterday and met the Seller. Turns out, she's moving to within 20 miles of where I grew up. How bizarre is that? Seems like a very nice woman. She spoke of buying the house after her divorce and used just about the same words I did to describe it.

Closing is at noon and I think I'm ready. I pick up my keys at noon on Friday. Pebbles is beside herself with excitement - I'm a little bit more subdued. I'm excited about living there but I'm not too stoked about actually moving, ya know? But that will be through soon enough. I've already taken advantage of today's Groupon to be able to score some BBQ for my moving crew. Oh, and the Grandbeast will be spending his first night at GiGi's on Saturday, as they are bringing him along and seem to think that we'll have things well enough in hand to actually be able to sleep there on Saturday night. Those crazy kids.

Pebbles went so far as to suggest I take the big cushion (nearly twin-bed sized) off The Barge (my sofa), put it in MalibuKen and go to the new house and stay there on Friday night. I think she's rounded the bend. I'm not sleeping on a cushion on the floor in an empty house. Silly goose.

Still processing the FL trip and have come at least one conclusion. During that week, I kept thinking to myself that there had to be a reason. What lesson was I supposed to learn? So far, there was at least one serious gift in that trip. Things that I needed to see. Cautionary tales, at is were. A glimpse into what could have been my future. And while it was definitely uncomfortable, at the end of the week, I got to leave it behind. I am fortunate and grateful and nearing closure.

The second gift was that I was away from home when the FOO explosion I'd been concerned about finally happened. People change at the rate of pain and from what I understand, this was pretty painful. I remain hopeful that some good/change can come from it. I am pretty sure my Mom is a lost cause, but I continue to hope for my sister and tell myself that everyone has their own path.

Still eating clean, albeit with too much sodium. Exercise hasn't been stellar, but I am feeling more normal.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Closure is an inside job.


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  1. Moving is a hassle but how exciting too! I hope all goes smoothly.

  2. But this move is permanent... or at least you hope it to be, right?

    We didn't move into our house until 3 days after we closed - wanted to do some painting without furniture in the way and we had a full week left on our rental so we took advantage of that. We did take a bottle of wine and two glasses and sit in the middle of the empty living room floor and made a toast and relished the fact that FINALLY our hard work and patience had paid off! You should at least do that on Friday, for real.

  3. I am thinking of you and hope all goes smoothly with the closing and the move. Congrats on your new abode!

  4. So did the ghost of Roxie future scare the Dickens out of you?

    (Sorry, had to be done)

    I agree with you on that whole sleeping on a giant cushion thing. Those first few days will be hectic enough, compromising potential quality of sleep will be no help at all.

    We've always moved in on the first day of possession (both times), but the first things out of the truck were our bed and a stereo. Always had a decent place to sleep and music to work by.

    Hope your transition goes smooth!

  5. Enjoy the closing! At least you have movers and aren't moving it all yourself. Now that is a move that sucks LOL!

  6. I hope the closing is seamless and fast. Exciting, and the up side of the hassle of moving is that all your stuff feels new and fresh when you unpack it into new digs!

    I have to go back and read about the FL trip - sounds rough. HUGS to you,

  7. Hope as your reading this that the closing was quick and painless. Like tearing off a bandaid.

    I HATE to move myself. I like what Helen said this is the last time for a long while.

    Are you painting and stuff or moving in as is? So excited for you and yes, a little jealous. Just a wee bit. Can't wait for pics.

    I'm with Helen...give yourself a big PAT on the back. Ya done good, Kid!


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