Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Day

This house deal has me pretty much "all dressed up with no place to go". I am anxious to get in and start moving things around. I've got a bazillion ideas about how I want to use things, to repurpose this, that or the other. My old, cheapass non-vintage harvest table is going to be painted some fabulous color - I'm thinking something in either the orange or turquoise family - and get a hole drilled (I'm going to have to figure out some supports for that) for a fabulous umbrella and it will become my outdoor dining table. I'm going to tape and stain my backyard parking pad (which will one day host a pergola, I think) to look like tile.

I've been digging deep into the internet, getting all these ideas and I can't do a thing with them right now. I was doing a bit of shopping, but I've put a stop to that. After adding the two "Three's Company" chairs, I really don't have any more room! My trunk is full of the new bathroom towels, rug and shower curtain, in addition to the new bedding.

So to keep my creative mind both occupied and my wallet closed, I play "What could I do with what I find on Craigslist?" - in the FURNITURE section, people. Get your minds out of the gutter!

In the meantime, I will leave you with this link to a wonderful blog A Bowl Full of Lemons. Today she's doing a virtual parade of homes and they are quite lovely. I cannot wait to get into mine.

Pictured here is my lovely little dining room. What I hope to do here? Replace the ceiling fan with a lighting fixture that I've augmented. There is a wooden bead chandelier in the PB catalog, I think, that is spectacular. But at 1,200, I won't be buying it anytime soon. I've seen some of what other creative types have done and I think there are some great options out there. I'm thinking for 50 bucks and some ingenuity, I can create a real signature piece for my gem of a dining room. I'm also thinking oak pedestal table with two "airy" chairs and then two upholstered pieces that can be pulled in from the living room when needed. A round rug of some sort - I'll probably do a painted floor cloth to start until I find something really awesome - like a wool penny rug. The possibilities are nearly endless.

Weather is turning off weird today, so I don't know that the chicken tour will still happen. I'm about ready to hit the gym a bit this morning before beginning the day's activities.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Get Inspired.



  1. Get inspired indeed -
    Just by reading about your great day!
    Happy May Day!

  2. Good morning, Roxie!

    I don't see anything where you referenced "Pictured here." Was there supposed to be a link to a photo of your dining room; or a photo? I'm living vicariously through you right now, so I really want to see what you are talking about.

    Hope the chicken tour is still on. I love reading about your adventures.

  3. Your ideas are inspiring, Roxie. There's nothing better than starting over in a new house. It's already clean, clear, and waiting to be transformed. So excited for you :)

  4. Duh...silly me. Now I realize you were referring to the picture ABOVE. Ha ha.

  5. late to this because my MAY DAY was an OFFLINE FAMILY DAY.

    It was perfection.

  6. Love the ideas. I got caught up looking at the Home Tours! Got lost for almost an hour. Can't wait to see all your dreams come true.


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