Friday, May 6, 2011

Shiny Happy People

Everyone behaved themselves and my aunt was very pleased to have nearly 30 of us show up. It was a nice evening. The food, usually stellar, however, was not good. It was so salty, it was nearly inedible. And while no desserts are served at this joint, one of our crew brought cake. So much for the clean eating, I had a piece of cake. Oh, well. Compared to the days I've been having, one piece of cake is a dramatic improvement.

I am dragging my behind yet again today. I had a late, late night at work on Wednesday and was looking forward to catching up a bit last night, but I tossed and turned for the majority of the night. Not the way I wanted to go into this travel week, but what can you do?

Being tired means that clean eating will be a challenge. Being Friday means the goodies will be out in the office in full force. Hmm, today's plan will be to wear a pair of very comfy shoes - maybe my Turkey shoes - and if the urge to snack comes over me, I'll just head outside for a quick stroll around the building. I'll use that for an energy boost, rather than the bakery cart.

I normally go to lunch with a coworker on Friday, but her son is home from college. Perhaps they will resume their normal Friday schedule - which means I can get in a workout. I know that exercise may be limited in FL. My friend's health prevents her from much movement and I try to stick pretty close to her, but I'll work out something.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Make a plan.



  1. Being tired and eating junk -
    Eating junk and being tired -
    Anytime is a good time to break out
    from that cycle!

  2. Perhaps because you're so aware of your vulnerability you'll make better choices? In any case, have a great weekend Roxie!

  3. Have a wonderful time away.
    Relax and enjoy yourself!

  4. We ate out at Outback the other day and i had the Alice Springs chicken with seasonal veggies and the chicken was so salty i almost couldn't eat it. In fact i boxed half and brought home. So unlike me. I guess cutting back on salt in my daily life is finally showing .......

  5. Yes - tired equals snacky for me as well. It is easy to just give in sometimes.

    Have a great weekend!

  6. Enjoy the weekend. Hug yourself. Before you angst over something, ask, "How important is it, anyway?" That helps me a lot.

  7. When I'm tired I make all kinds of crazy decisions. I think Helen is right. You are aware, maybe you can head it off at the pass.....

    Have a nice trip. Enjoy your friend.


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