Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Best Defense

The best defense is a good offense. Last night's gathering went okay. Fewer people than expected showed up and I had too much food. If I'd slaved over a hot stove, I might have been upset, but I just did a Costco run, so no harm - no foul. However, it is never a good idea for me to be around that much snacky food. Ever. So after all my guests left, I packed up everything and took it to the office for more sharing. I guess I get the food pusher badge for this week, but there ain't no way that stuff is staying around at my house. Well, not the snacky stuff. I kept the fruit and vegetable tray leftovers.

I didn't make it workout yesterday at lunch. I got a pop-up reminder to call my sister and take her to lunch. I try to do that at least once a month and it was the first Wednesday. So no workout. I did, however, put on the old Asics and take a walk after dropping up the kryptonite (party food) at the office.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Know your weaknesses.



  1. Food pushing is a good thing!
    Office people thrive on the stuff.

  2. I always have to do the same thing...take the leftovers to work, or put them in the garbage with dish soap drizzled over them. Yes, I've been known to take food out of the garbage.

    The old Asics...I've tried other new shoes too and always would go back to my old Asics. If you ever find a better brand, I might try them. After you test-drive them first. :)

  3. The dreaded snack food. I'm impressed that you stuck with your guns all that time between night and the next morning. Somewhere in there, I might have wavered a bit. I tend to do things much better when they're immediate.

  4. I have to get rid of stuff right away! Drives my husband crazy.

  5. I just read all your posts from last Thursday through today. I love reading how you process through your days and various events, reflecting on how you've grown and changed. I do that too - good way to stay in touch with ourselves and continue to evolve into the women we're here to be.

    Kudos on the food pushing - I've done what Diana does - throwing things in the trash and then further "making them gross" so in a moment of weakness I don't go trash diving!

    I've worn the same Asics for about 8 years - just keep getting the newer versions.

  6. Don't tell the Buffalo Bills that best defense/good offense line. Remember a couple of Super Bowls about 10 years ago? When their offense sputtered the defense was in a scah-rewed. Tell all the Cowboys fans "You're Welcome" for us western New Yorkers.


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