Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I must be living in some fantasy land. Last night? I slept for eight hours and seven minutes. Eight.Hours. I cannot even begin to recall the last time I slept for that length of time. And it's about the third night in a row where I got plus six and half hours. Must be some sort of alternate universe. So, I got up, laced up the brand-new Asics, braided some heather and ribbons into Glitter's mane, threw a Fascinator Hat on Jimmie Dale Gilmore and headed for the track. I'd decided to run again.

Just to see how it felt. Just for a mile. Just because it's easier to exercise in the morning this month. Just because I've live close to a slightly-cushy track. No more hard pavement pounding for me - the hip and the arthritic neck just won't stand for it. But this morning, just after the first few strides (if you could call what I do striding - Pebbles calls in prancing) I knew I had it. The mile. Not a long distance, for sure, but it was comforting to think I just go out and churn one out.

I went back through my old blog to search for my entry about the first time I actually ran a mile, but I can't seem to find it. I think I started with the C25K which I believe was more about timing than mileage and then I switched over to mileage somewhere about the two mile marker. Anyway, nothing to report about the magic of that day back in December 2005.

And in other looking-back news, with a heavy dose of "things work out", every morning I read from a couple of dated inspirational books. Today's reading included a sticky note from last year - to include in my daily prayers/meditations - Dana and Anne H - who were having issues with vehicles. It was just comforting to know that those things have worked themselves out. Both ladies are mobile these days. Always nice to see proof that things work out. It certainly helps with the whole faith thing moving forward.

And in other enchanting news (may be tied to the sleeping thing), I've read another book-a-day. That makes three since Saturday. Three books. Yes, they are pop-culture trash, but it's words on a page! I almost hate to have the cable/internet hooked up at CSH tomorrow. Hate to break the spell.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Take a unicorn for a run.



  1. And I bet you feel FABULOUS today. Nothing like a good night's sleep to put things in perspective.

  2. How nice to live next to a comfy track like that. Having that as an option is great.
    Maybe your sleep pattern will become a more routine thing (don't want to jinx you) but now that you are more settled into your home and are feeling hopefully more grounded? Maybe that interference isn't lingering so much. Will continue to hope for more nights in dreamland for you. I hate, hate not getting enough sleep. Stupid hormones!


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