Monday, June 6, 2011

Fireworks And Duds: The Week In Review

This week was mostly sparkly, with a few duds mixed in for texture and perspective.

Firework: Literally, there is an annual concert event held pretty close to my home that ends every Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening with a fireworks display at 10pm. As soon as the first boom is heard, doors fly open in the neighborhood and folks go out to porches and into the street to watch the display. It's pretty stinking awesome for someone who likes fireworks.

Firework: Learning more to the backstory on the Collinwood-Smythe House. As Pebbles says, "This house has such good karma". My deepest gratitude to the women who came before me and prepared this lovely home.

Firework: Jimmie Dale Gilmore and her early hours. I can now love this cat unabashedly knowing that she has someplace else to go. It's like getting to be a grandparent - I get all the fun stuff and then she can go home!

Firework: Seeing the kids' new home and seeing/meeting some of the friends, both old and new. It's great to see the great folks with whom they associate. It's also great to see how they can pull rabbits out of their hats! Plus, lessons learned from my participation.

Firework: Lovely visit with Michele on Friday night and see her big plans for redecorating her very lovely home.

Firework: Fabulous dinner (complete with Groupon) at one of my favorite restaurants. I'm slowly getting over my Groupon obsession and the supply has diminished. I think after next week, I'll have but one left!

Firework: That being said, Groupon for a local hardware store came in really handy. While The Gardener said that she didn't have to water much until August, we are experiencing August-like temps right now. I needed an emergency sprinkler and I was able to get it at a discount. Score!

Firework: Practiced one full day of really good self-care even when I didn't feel even close to good.

Now for the not-so-sparkly.

Dud: Taking two OTC-PM things on Saturday night. They left me drugged and feeling "hung over" for most of the day Sunday. What a waste of a day! I would have done better without any sleep. Never again. There was a lot I needed to do, but couldn't due to the after "glow".

Dud: Realizing that I need to bathe while wearing glasses otherwise I end up striped.

Dud: Seeing the first scratch on MalibuKen. K-Mart rash, apparently.

Dud: First interaction with Bick in nearly three months to arrange for the pick up of the rest of my stuff. I handled myself well, but the exchange has replayed too many times in my mind.

Dud: Only got four hours of exercise in this past week instead of the goal of five.

Dud: Used food to try to feel better. Didn't work. Never does.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Make it Sparkly.



  1. Love that everyone flings open their doors to watch the fireworks. That is awesome!

    Glad you like the granola. :)

  2. Good grief, I totally get the glasses thing and I assume you're talking about shaving your legs. I was SHOCKED when I went to sit outside on the patio over the weekend. Large patches of fluff all around my knees. Good thing I'm blonde lol!

  3. I've had that groggy PM feeling as well. I bite one in half and only use that instead of the dosage of 2. Please take more pics of the garden:)

  4. first outloud laugh of the day ..the dud about wearing glasses while bathing or else you come out striped...hilarious and I sooo get it....Yea we keep the insanity going with the food sometimes but it's less and less isn't it?


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