Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Goals For June

I have but two goals for June:

1. Five hours of exercise per week.
2. Live in the present moment.

I had a wonderful day yesterday. While I didn't make my yoga class (the classroom didn't get opened in time - I went to the elliptical instead), I did spend some time in the evening at the neighborhood track. It's such a beehive of activity. Last night there was a boot-camp meeting there. That's certainly something to check into. There is also yoga on Monday nights at the community center, which is also within walking distance. Many opportunities to check out.

I did have some insight last night as I was walking the track. While I talk a good game, I really don't live in the present moment. In most cases, if I am in fear, I am in the future and if I am in the future I am throwing away the present.

I frequently engage in "planning", but really, it is just worry about the future dressed up in a business suit. Yes, planning can be a good thing, but constantly staying in "planning" mode is giving fear of the future and it's Wonder Twin - Anxiety, a toehold in my day. Planning is good;excessive planning is not good for me. All things in moderation and have enough faith in myself to know that I will deal with whatever comes my way.

Being in the present, the hear and now, is already perfect. There is no lack right this second. There is no need to worry or plan, for right now, there is all I need.

That's not to say that a routine or schedule isn't good, as it takes the "thinking" out of it. And for someone with tendencies towards obsessive thinking, experiencing the joy of the right now is a big step indeed.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Be where you are, right this second.



  1. My daughter used to get mad at me when she was a teen as I used to always tell her to live in the NOW. That right NOW, right at this moment, there was nothing happening that should upset her so much. To let the past go, live right now, and look forward to the future. Stop stressing about what has happened and just breath.

    I always got "ah Mom it's not that easy". It was worth a try on my part and it always did calm her down.

    I forget sometimes to be present - thank you for the reminder.

  2. Ironic how that "all things in moderation" is true even for something as living and thinking for today. Life circumstances make it so easy to get the crazies. I think you've got great goals for June.

  3. let's see if blogger will let me comment

  4. It did!! I too need to set my intention to stay in the moment as well. It's really a hard thing to do. Control meet my good friend worry. UGH!

    That was my father's mantra "everything in moderation"!

    Haave a great hump day

  5. I love that your goals are so clear and concise. I am dealing with fear at the moment and having to force myself to look at the reality of 'now' instead of burying my head in the sand. Thanks for the moderately good reminder.

  6. Your new neighborhood sounds great! What fun to investigate all of the active happenings. :)

    I like you June goals.

  7. As someone who loves a routine too much, this was good for me to read. I'm going to try to be more open to change and not fear it so much.


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