Friday, June 10, 2011

Happy Feet

No, I haven't exchanged the new running shoes yet. The title refers to my experience this morning at the local Gas N Go. I ran in to use the ATM and to pick up a couple of boiled eggs (food was CRAP yesterday) for a protein breakfast. And as I was standing in line, the man next to me says he just has to tell me that I have "pretty feet". Lordy, is my freak magnet turned on again? Where the hell can I go to get that thing permanently turned off? I do not have pretty feet, even in the best of circumstances and I was actually thinking to myself earlier in the morning that I am overdue for a pedicure. I've deemed Sunday afternoons as mani/pedi time. And since I'm now a gardener again, my nails/fingers/hands look like a diesel mechanics, despite wearing gloves.

A long overdue shoutout to Shelley and her giveaways! I won some of her homemade granola and bless my soul, that is some good stuff. I used some of it, along with some homemade strawberry jam I'd received as a housewarming gift, to tort some brie at my party this week. Yummy!

I don't have any plans for today, although I really wanted to stay home and organize my closets. I'm still trying to optimize the space that I have and still need to move some things around. My task for this weekend is to buy a stepstool of some sort. There are some high shelves in this house and I need to put rarely used items in that space.

Plans for Saturday include an early morning bike ride with Talia. Then later on in the day, Pebbles and Slater are dropping by on their way to her HS reunion. Yep, a decade since the little darling graduated. I'm coming up on ten years of writing online, as I started just as she went off to college. A lot has happened in those ten years. A.lot. And the vast, vast majority of it has been wonderful, even though it might not have felt it at the time.

Sunday will be Zen and the Art of Lawn Maintenance, meaning early morning lawn butchering, followed by a meditation session at church. Plus, the aforementioned mani/pedi and perhaps a scrubbing down of MalibuKen, as well.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Get Happy.



  1. Wow. 10 years of online writing. That is impressive Roxie! Your 'sole' admirer made me laugh out loud.

  2. 10 years!
    Most things really are all good, aren't they!
    Hope your weekend is great!

  3. So glad you liked the granola, and how nice that it gilded the lily with the brie! :)

    Have a wonderful weekend - and wow, 10 years of writing online is pretty fantastic!


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