Thursday, June 2, 2011

Introducing: Jimmie Dale

Introducing: Jimmie Dale Gilmore, my erstwhile cat. Not my cat really, just a local neighborhood cat that jumped up in my lap yesterday morning whilst I was out drinking my coffee on the front porch. The cat has a very distinctive "voice" - a high-lonesome tenor, thus the name, Jimmie Dale. Good thing I like cats and Jimmie Dale Gilmore.

Jimmie Dale also wandered up in the afternoon and I took his/her picture. Obviously, Jimmie Dale is a smitten kitten.

Got in my hour of exercise on the first of June. Was stuck in an all-day committee meeting, complete with a box lunch. Upon checking out the calorie counts AFTERWARDS, I was discouraged to learn that chocolate chip cookie was 300 calories! That's practically a meal! I could have had the other 1/2 sandwich for greater satisfaction and fewer calories. Ah, well. I mean, it's not like I didn't know it was a cookie. I just didn't think it was that much of a cookie, ya know?

Also saw semi-naked-bald-yoga-gymnastics-kinda-pervy-guy at the track for the first time. Definitely strangeness there - the guy was going around the track standing on his hands, doing some sort of spread-legged move that I've only seen from Bart Connor, then descending into down dog, followed by cobra pose. In teeny-tiny shorts. I don't know if this was a sun salutation or follow the bouncing ball!

Still working on getting things organized, but I think I may have put too much stuff up on the wall. It may be time to edit. Just because I own it doesn't mean I have to hang it. Same for the guy at the track :-)

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Choose wisely.



  1. Jimmie Dale is adorable! Maybe he's needing adoption?

    "I don't know if this was a sun salutation or follow the bouncing ball!"

    Oh Em Gee that is the funniest thing I've read all morning!

  2. It's like a car don't want to look, but you can't turn away. IT's just so weird. People are weird, myself included!

    You just might have inherited that cat. You did name it.

    HAve a great daay.

  3. OMG, Jimmy dale gilmore..I forgot him. I have one of his cds..I go for that lonesome, western skinny lanky cowboy kinda guy. i think you need to suck it up and adopt the man in to your house..kitty man. he wants a home..that's how my cat and I started out..lonesome , homeless, kitty on the prowl

  4. I think perv guy lives in Indiana! We have one who is bald and very, very tan. He wears tiny shorts and nothing else when he bikes (not even shoes or socks) and rides up and down the street doing karate poses with his arms. He never steers his bike! He also chants some kind of mantra while doing this and I can never help but stare in bewilderment.

  5. That same pervy guy shows up at Lake Ontario Beach Park wearing roller-blades, a speedo and a smile.

    Jimmie Dale sure seems to have adopted you - maybe you can come to some sort of custody arrangement with her/him. It IS a rather cute cat.

  6. I heart Jimmie Dale!! His/her little face at the window is so...vulnerable?

    And yeah, that guy used to ice skate at the rink in Rockefeller Plaza when I worked in NYC in the 80s/90s.He sort of did Thai Chi on ice skates. ;-)

  7. Aww, Jimmie Dale looks like my Henry's brother! Very sweet that he adopted you. :)

    The guy at the track? Ick. He knows what he's showin' - so gross!

  8. Very stressful morning, decided to take a break and read this, "I don't know if this was a sun salutation or follow the bouncing ball!" and now I am once again laughing and right with the world. Thank goodness for the Internet as I didn't get any of your references. I guess I just haven't been exposed to many country singing gymnasts! Thanks for the laugh and the education.

  9. I *love* that pic of Jimmy Dale! He so wants to be in your house LOL.

  10. That's a long name for a tiny kitty. I never thought to give them last names. OR middle names.

    Maybe you could give the perv a name too. I am uncomfortable when pervy guys with shorts on showing us all their business unless they are in their 20s and standing off in the distance.

  11. you are so funny ... i'm literally ROTFLMAO... gosh.. love the humor... don't go changing.... less is more sometimes on walls i agree... and in life too. enjoy your new home and never lose your wonderful sense of humor...xo Patty

  12. This made me laugh lol I needed a laugh today, thanks. Love Jimmie Dale, he's a cutey, glad he's smitten with ya and you like him :) Loving all the pictures of the house, its so pretty and just feels peaceful even from here.


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