Monday, June 20, 2011

It's A Marvelous Night for A Rain Dance

The high temps and high, hot winds are just a beating. And we are fortunate enough not to be battling wild fires. It is supposed to break within the next couple of days and we have a fifty percent chance of rain. If I knew a rain dance, I'd do one. The closest I come is the windsprints I do in the yard trying to dodge the sprinklers.

I'm still trying to work out a system for managing things around here. So far, I'm doing it okay, but I'd like to get my planning done so that I know - it's it Tuesday, it must be edging day - that kind of thing. As I've said, I've gone back to flylady for that very same reason - just to not have to think to much. To have it already laid out. My inspiration over the weekend was to link up areas in the yard with zones in the house! So flylady now manages my yard work, too! Brilliant, I say.

So this week is Master Bedroom. Not much to do inside, but I can concentrate my external efforts in the outdoor "room". Speaking of inside, I did get quite a bit done this weekend in the way of organizing things to fit my strengths and weaknesses. Weakness: I hate paperwork. If left to my own devices, I will let it pile up like crazy. I need to make it easy to file/handle. So I've set up my office in my teeny, tiny kitchen. Two file totes in an open area by the "bar". It is unconventional, but it's close, it's easy and I'll use it there.

Scored a lot more treasures from the moving neighbor's curbside. The most perfect of all was a gorgeous roll of fabric with more than enough to recover a little Danish modern chair that I have and to slipcover two pillows for the Barge! Seriously, this is exactly what I was looking for. Also, two posters and one print that will look perfect (some, not all) in my bedroom. I just need to wait for a sale on framing. I picked up a galvanized tub that will the perfect ice bucket for outdoor gatherings. Plus, a beautiful huge black art bowl/display piece. It's a little too big for me, but I think it will be perfect for Pebbles' place. I'll take it to her tomorrow. Oh, and a new beach towel, since I don't have one. It's the perfect color (lavender and white striped) to match my bedroom. I'm thinking of trying to figure out a way to make it into a makeshift area rug (runner) until I find a real one that I like.

And speaking of rugs, I bought a rug for the dining room, but got in home and put it in the space and didn't like it. Took it back and bought another runner again. I first bought this runner to go in the living room inside the front door. I bought it at a Tuesday Morning in Dallas, while shopping with Pebbles. I got it home and the scale was just off. It looked like it was just floating and didn't relate to anything else in the room, so I returned it to a Tuesday morning here in Fort Worth. When relating this story later to Pebbles, she asked me why I didn't put it in the hall? Too late, I said. "It's already been returned".

Saturday night when she came over she commanded that I get my straw yoga mat out of the hall, telling me that someone was going to get hurt! And yea, a couple of folks had actually slipped a bit. So when I returned the rug I'd purchased for the dining room, lo and behold, there was the same runner that I'd bought in Dallas and returned to this store some weeks before. So I bought the same rug again. And it's lovely in the hall. The straw yoga mat will be used to go under my ironing board so that spray starch doesn't get all over my floors.

Got in a bike ride (not long) on Sunday and another one already this morning. Tonight I'm going to my first neighborhood association meeting. Tomorrow night I'm going to Pebbles' and Slater's for dinner and then we are going to see Canned-Meat-Product-A-Lot. And I am so excited. Wednesday brings a Nova Scotia planning meeting. I understand the weather is rainy and cold there - sounds heavenly.

It was a productive weekend on many, many fronts. I kicked the tires and lit the fires, in a manner of speaking.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Do a rain dance.



  1. Oh, the damage you and I could do if we lived nearer to one another. The local college has a dumpster day that is like hitting a goldmine. I have to be very careful these days as to what I bring into the house - especially now that husband's mother's things are making their way over. One thing in = one thing out. But ah, the high one gets when they find that treasure, right? Good for you. You're so clever and resourceful.

  2. Nice how everything is coming together for you, even if it means purchasing the same item a couple of times lol!

    I just told Shelley the other day that I wish we could exchange some of our rain for some of your sun. Everyone would be happy.

  3. No. You do NOT want our sun, Helen. It is too darned hot and windy this summer, and it's not even summer yet.

    Roxie, YEAH on the finds and the return of the hallway rug! Thought about you last night when the fireworks from the concert were cancelled.

    The show! That Show! Let us know how it is...I have it listed on my "try to see this" list.

    Have a marvelous day!

  4. That 50% chance of rain for you is translating to a 30% for me here in San Angelo. I've got fingers and toes and everything else crossed! We need it sooo bad! Fires have calmed down but i heard this morning there was a grass fire west of us. Fourth of July has me so nervous even with a fireworks ban people just don't listen.

    Sounds like your life is coming together girlfriend. I'm so happy fo you! I take so much away from your blog. Thank you. Most of all to be kind to myself and work with my strengths and weaknesses and to be in the moment. All good things to strive for.

  5. We could light a fire AND do a rain dance.
    Doubles the chances - right?

  6. this texan is REALLY in for a rain dance and yet even more in for the BREATHE DEEPLY and letting go of things.
    of the muck.
    and the frazzle.

    who knew I needed THAT more than I needed the precipitation?

    ok I did :)

  7. Just getting caught up from the past several days. I just got back from Utah. Cold and rainy. I so did not want to come baack to hotter then hell.

    Things really are working out for you. I am so impressed with the way you are handling this thing with Bick. You're insights really helped me with something complete different. Letting go is stinkin hard.

    I love Tuesday Morning!

  8. There is something exciting and renewing in putting together a new house, apartment, etc. It's another chance to express ourselves and allow our environments to be a haven, as well as a factor in feeling good and being content and happy.

    Thanks for commenting on my post. I think I'm finally starting to understand what my issues with food are (at least as much as I can). I am trying to put some of this realization to work for me. Blessings to you, Roxie. You're a wise woman.


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