Monday, June 13, 2011

No Shrimps, No Barbie

I didn't buy a grill, after all. I went with the intention of buying the Baby Q portable, but they didn't have any in stock and the others of this family were very expensive. I saw other grills at about half the price. Any grill recommendations? I don't want to spend over $200. I hate the idea of buying "disposable" as the reviews say these things will only last a few years, but the thought of dropping serious dough makes me cringe. I do know that the Baby Q portable has lasted Bick for several years of heavy use with no problems. Hmmm. I'd have to get a stand/table for it. Still undecided.

Saying goodbye to The Closet today. I'm turning in the keys. I'll be without internet service after work hours until Wednesday. The Closet served me well. It provided me with a good, healthful place to live - not to mention fun and very hip. It was the right choice for me to make at the time. Life at the Collinwood-Smythe House will be just as good, but in a different way.

No more access to The Closet means that I have to buy a dryer and quickly. I need to measure the opening (although I'm assuming these are pretty standard) AND the connecting stuff in the back, as several reviews have mentioned that larger capacity dryers push out into the room more. I don't have the space for that, so I just need to watch it.

I thought about buying a stackable dryer and then when the washer goes out, putting a stackable washer with it. That might be an option to free up a bit of space (maybe for a full-size dishwasher ;-)) kitchen-adjacent.

Got up and went outside just before daylight to get the sprinklers going - an early heatwave/no rain plague has set in. I just had to laugh out loud - I was adjusting the sprinklers and I looked up to see a beautiful white bloom on the vine growing on the top of the privacy fence. I thought to myself "I didn't know I had anything blooming that big and white on the fence?" Turns out, it was Jimmie Dale and her tuxedo-white chest tiptoeing along the fence, coming from the front yard into the back. That cat has an amazing sense of where I am, everytime I walk out the door. (oh dear god, I'm now talking about cats - I have no "edge" left - if you see me shopping for elastic-waisted pants and the Queen's handbag, just shoot me).

Set the sprinklers and then walked up to the track to get in some mileage. Not enough for weight management, but more for habit and centering. June is a tough month for me to get in my exercise.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Avoid wrinkles.



  1. Check out Big Lots, they've got Char-Broil brand for $120-170 and they seem pretty solid. I'm probably going to pick one up pretty soon myself.

  2. How funny, we just bought a Weber Q yesterday! It replaced a $100 Char-Broil that we bought three years ago and has literally rusted to pieces. The Weber just feels heavier and more solid, plus the grill plate looks like it would work great for throwing veggies on it and hot having them fall through the grill like our old BBQ. We got ours at Lowes - $179, and we sprang for the dang cart - $on sale for $39 at Academy. We used it last night and really liked it...I'm hoping to get more than three years out of it, which from what I've read, seems should happen.

  3. Well Mr. Helen needs a big old grill so this year when we replaced our old one, we bought a 4 burner dealie that is eating up the propane. I'm sure you don't want something that big. What about ordering your Baby Q off Amazon or something like that? I bet you'd get a great deal AND you'd have exactly what you want!

  4. My two cents on the grill - NOT a Char-broil or a Grill Master. If something goes wrong, standard replacement parts don't fit exactly right, and name brand parts and pieces have to be 'special ordered' through your local big blue or orange box store. Our Char-broil is falling apart after a few seasons, and we haven't abused it (kept it covered, dry, out of the elements).

    Husband keeps hinting at a big green egg. Ri.i.i.i.i.ight.

  5. I'm quite fond of our George Foreman outside gas grill. No idea what it cost as hubby got it as a gift from work about 3 years ago. I'm about to put some veggies and burgers on there in about 15 minutes.

  6. We have a Coleman Portable Grill. The tank of propane is heavier than the grill!

    Ours is red, the only difference.

  7. So much to do in a house!
    And all of it is good!
    About the grill - one of my
    patients swears by anything Weber.
    She uses it every day in summer...
    She refuses to cook indoors as it heats up the house.


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