Saturday, June 18, 2011

Of Artichokes and Dust Mops

Dinner was delish last night. I chose a starter as my entree. I'd had a nibble of this one other time and it was wonderful. Grilled artichokes served with grilled lemon halves. Probably brushed with some garlic butter/oil before grilling. Added a side of grilled asparagus and called it yummy!

The play. Well, it was good but I wasn't. At intermission the line to the ladies was very long, so my friend and I set out to find another one. By the time we got back, the show had started and we had to wait until a fight scene in order to be seated!! I was so embarrassed. Luckily, we found two empty seats on the aisle and didn't have to disturb everyone to rejoin the rest of the GNOs fourth row, center! They thought we decided to leave at the break (I almost said half-time!).

Got home to find my delivery from Flylady. I ordered a special broom, dust mop, damp mop and mop pads. I've never had tile nor wood floors, so these tools are supposed to work well on those surfaces. And yes, I probably could have found them elsewhere, but using flylady was a life-changer for me in the battle against clutter. I learned how to keep house from that website and so I feel really good about giving back by ordering my supplies from her/them. Consider checking them out if your house is out-of-control. It can get a little hokey, but I opted for the daily digest, rather than the emails. And since I'm looking to establish systems here at the new place, I've joined up again after an absence of many years. Just until I get a system for maintaining things inside and out.

The kids are supposed to come over for dinner tonight. I may look for a grill or I may look to just pick up a no-cook dinner. I'm leaning towards something with Costco's lime/cilantro shrimp. I just to figure out how to serve it so to satisfy the son-in-law. Or what to serve it with. Something to think about.

Did not sleep well last night, so I am really dragging this morning. Since I'm sitting here writing this, I'm obviously not doing my outdoor exercise this morning. I'm getting ready to butcher the lawn and then will probably head over to the gym later in the day.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Clear away the clutter.



  1. Last nights dinner sounds good. Just thinking about the grilled lemon now has my mouth watering :)

    Tuesday is heavy trash day here in lala-land. I've been looking things over to see what I can part with. Easier said than done. Maybe I need an intervention, haha.

  2. Maybe it's time for me to try Flylady again. I don't think they had digests when I tried it many years ago, and the constant emails got on my last nerve. :)


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