Friday, June 3, 2011

Slip Slidin' Away

Alternate Title: All Creatures Great and Small. So last night I slept for a full six hours. Not optimal, but a bit better than I had been doing. Still, I was awake and upright at 4:30 am and starting my day. I looked through my day's activities and needed to mail a payment. So I set down and wrote out a check and then stepped out on the front porch to post the letter. Sidebar: I've never in my whole very life had a mailbox that was so convenient!

And Jimmie Dale was right there waiting for me. So I stepped back inside, grabbed a cup of coffee and went back outside to sit on the porch in the dawn's early light. Problem is, I was wearing my pink silk robe and poor old Jimmie Dale could not find purchase. After sliding off my lap a couple of times, the claws came out and I became a human pin cushion in order for him/her to stay seated on my slippery lap. It was pretty comical albeit in a slightly painful way.

And speaking of comical and animals, last night's adventures at the school track continued. No more Mr. Pervy, but the field was awash in activity. There was group middle-aged Latinos playing soccer on half the field. The other half of the field was taken up by a group of co-ed hipsters playing some sort of Frisbee/rugby thing - but without the scrums. And there was what I guess to be the Tuesday/Thursday boot camp. At one point, the boot campers were divided into three teams, each given a paper with instructions on it and they rapidly dispersed to various parts of the park/field/school yard to perform an assortment physical activities.

One group of probably eight folks was in a grassy area off to the side of the track, all performing planks. And that's when he came in. He, being a rambunctious golden retriever (Hi, Ellen) and as soon as his leash was unsnapped, he made a beeline for the planksters! The dog was so incredibly happy that all these people were down on his level. He ran through the group, tail wagging and giving kisses. His owner was mortified, but the bootcampers just collapsed unto the ground and into gales of laughter. It loses a lot in translation, but trust me, there was a lot of joy happening in that little scene.

Today is an off day for me, exercise wise. Tonight, I'm doing a very casual dinner (read salad) for a couple of friends. Tomorrow I have an early morning short ride scheduled with Talia. After that, I'm off to serve as scullery wench for Pebbles' and Slater's First Annual Crawdad Boil and New Expensive Patio Furniture Disaster. I've been instructed to bring 9 dozen mini corn muffins. Should be a fun time. I'm looking forward to seeing some of her/their high school and college friends that I haven't seen in a while. Or it could be no fun at all and in that case, I'll leave.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Get a grip.


Disclaimer: Not a photo of me or my pink silk robe.


  1. Between the image of the cat and the dog, you gave me a good laugh.

    Hope all goes well with the gathering and lots of fun is had!

  2. Love the plank dog! And how sweet that Jimmie Dale was waiting for you. Really sounds like you have found THE place.

  3. I don't think it lost anything in translation. I can totally imagine the scene and it cracked me up. Have a great weekend!

  4. Golden retrievers are so much fun! I can just see this one running up to join the group! LOL

    Enjoy your weekend (even tho' I shudder to think about the crawdad heads.) :)

    Oh, and thanks for the idea for corn muffins. Our family reunion is next weekend, and I was wanting to try something new. That may be it!

  5. I'll let Brulee know that one of his goofy cousins made some very quick friends and hope he doesn't get his own idea from it! lol
    Sounds like a very eclectic area, full of all kinds of folk. Will always be interesting, I'm sure. I didn't see my bike riding hipster doofus today, but from now on, whenever I do, I'll be thinking of you (yes, that's a good thing :)


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