Friday, June 24, 2011

This is Old News

But it's still funny news. My Mother owns Beyonce's cousin, Mariah. Hand.To.God.


  1. I think you single-handedly saved my sanity. Thank you so-o-o much for letting me know you'd posted this, my sister in family craziness.

    A dear friend once owned a distant cousin of Beyonce, but it wasn't quite as tall and it was wooden. Not quite the same effect.

  2. I just saw one at our local HEB. $99.99 and it's yours!

  3. My boss has a mini- chicken in the shape of a fan.
    I thought of the cock on the doorstep post!
    Couldn't stop laughing.
    It's a blog thing - they didn't understand!

  4. How funny. My daughter has one that guards the TV! She didn't name her's.

  5. Oh my goodness. So funny! Shelley and I just had a textversation regarding who on earth and what sort of decor would this fit in. Love that it's your family that has one - just perfect!


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